Top best health benefits of eating dry fruits


Top best health benefits of eating dry fruits

Health benefits of dry fruits

Cures constipation
Many of the dry fruits show their effectiveness to treat constipation, majorly dried figs and prunes are taking the higher scale due to their rich fiber content, which is making the bowel active. In this process the stimulation of gastrointestinal fluids takes place and making the digested food soft to flow.

Helps for the proper blood circulation
Raisin consists of major minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous, which promote the healthy blood circulation. They are suggested for the improvement of the eye vision and to prevent tooth decay as they contain vitamin A.

Good for dieters
The cholesterol free raisins are rich in fiber amount and less in sodium amount, they complete fat-free dry fruits.

Calcium strength
Almonds, figs and walnuts are the super food to retrieve calcium, which is very necessary for the bone strength and stronger teeth.

Brain food
The walnuts which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are important t for the healthy brain and they also prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Walnut oil is suggested to treat and prevent the wrinkles and fine lines.

Helps the immune system
The vitamin A and beta carotene present in the dried yellow fruits like apricots, papaya and pineapple etc makes our immune system stronger and perks for the hair and skin.

Rich in minerals
Potassium, iron and folic acid are three major minerals required for a healthy body, can available easily through dried figs.

Almonds for many health treatments
Almonds promote the blood circulation and increases the haemoglobin levels. They dilute the cholesterol factor and prevents breast and lung cancer.

To get the vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron apricot is the easiest way.

Cashew for tremendous benefits
Due to because of their high fat components, cashew nuts are recommended for the excess consumption. Take them in moderate to control blood sugar levels, cholesterol and to prevent hypertension and migraine head ache.

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