Top benefits of eating flaxseeds for health

Top benefits of eating  flaxseeds for health

Now-a-days flax seeds are considered to be as a super food with its wide range of nutrients and proteins. Though it contains numerous healthy components, three of them are highly reputed for the health.They are:

Omega-3 fatty acids
The consumption of flaxseeds with rich omega-3 fatty acids offers healthy heart effects. A single table spoon of flax seed contains around 18. grams of plant omega-3s.

Flax seeds are shown to be having fibers, it contains both the soluble and insoluble fibers.

Linnans are the combination structures of antioxidants and plant estrogens. They have more than 75 to 800 times of lignans than any other plant food items.

Prevents cancer
Flaxseeds consist of omega-3 fatty acids and they help to restrict the growth of cancerous cells. So, consume flaxseeds to prevent the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancer. In addition to that, the lignans present in the flaxseeds stop the blood vessels growth through tumors with their antiangiogenic properties.

Consuming the flaxseed may improve the blood sugar. Lignans present in flaxseed helps in improve the blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics.

Lowers cholesterol
Researches have proved that men who added their diet with flaxseeds got the reduction changes in cholesterol levels. People who can’t intake the lipitor can get the best benefits from flaxseeds.

Prevents hot flashes
According to a study, woman who consumed flaxseeds observed the relief from hot flashes during their postmenopausal period.
A study conducted on menopausal woman has revealed that woman who added two table spoons of flaxseed powder to the juice, cereals or yogurt for twice a day discovered the 50 percent reduction of hot flash. They not just helps to escalate the hot flashes problem but perks for physiological and the overall health.

Improves blood sugar
To improve the blood sugar flaxseeds helps a lot. Eating flaxseeds everyday will improve the glycemic control in obese men and woman who are having pre-diabetics.

Protects from radiation
Add your diet with flax seeds to protect the skin tissue from radiation damage. The process of protection done by the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of flax seeds which acts like problem solver and protector against the radiation pneumonopathy.

Cardiovascular disease
Flaxseeds omega -3s helps in preventing hardening of the arteries and keep plaque from being deposited in the arteries by allowing the white blood cells from sticking to the blood vessels in inner linings.  Researches suggest that omega 3s can help the cardiovascular system through several different mechanisms and normalize the heart beat.

Inflammation is one of the reason behind some illness like parkinson’s disease and asthma. Consume flaxseeds which are having the components lignans and ALA to treat the inflammation through stopping the release of pro-inflammatory agents.
Flax seeds reduce the inflammation and buildup of plaque around the arteries which fuels for the heart attack and stroke.
ALA is shown to reduce the inflammatory reactions in human being and lignans reduce the pro-inflammatory agents in animals.
Tips to use flax seeds
  • Toss them in your daily food dishes if you are making it as a new habit. It could be your soup or yogurt adds it with one or two tablespoons of flax seeds.
  • Serve with the meat and dark mixtures, no one find the presence of flax seeds when they are mixed with mutton stew, chicken dishes and mutton balls etc.
  • While you are making bread, pancakes, muffins and waffles, add some quantity of flax seeds in the place of flour in the recipe.
Eat 1 or 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed a day is normally suggested dose. Select the flaxseeds either golden or brown color seeds. Generally we will be finding the brown flaxseed in the supermarkets and golden flaxseeds are good for eyes. So choose the best that suits you. Recent researches said that pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should not additive their diets with ground flaxseed.

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