Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Whatever the cause of premature ejaculation, one way to improve your ejaculatory control is to do premature ejaculation exercises.  PE exercises are also called Kegel exercises, and are widely recommended by doctors around the world to patients who want to learn how to last longer in bed.  If you know that the cause of your PE is psychological and you understand what may be feeding into it, you should also be taking steps to make cognitive changes which can help you to control your ejaculation time.  PE exercises are simple, easy, and effective, and they give you something to focus on other than the problem.

What Are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises are named for the physician who wrote about them in 1948, Dr. Arnold Kegel.  These exercises are used by both men and women for different reasons.  Women typically use them to strengthen the muscles involved in childbirth so that when it comes time to deliver, it will be easier and less painful.  Kegel exercises are usually recommended to men to deal with premature ejaculation, and are especially useful if you have no idea what could possibly be causing your PE (since you have fewer ways to tackle the problem if you don’t know its origin).
Premature ejaculation exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and on improving your neurological connection to that area of your body.  Studies show that there is a faster neurological response in the pelvic floor muscles of men who have done premature ejaculation exercises.  This improves your level of control over those muscles.  Since pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that contract during an orgasm, being able to control them can give you the ability to delay ejaculation.  It can also result in more powerful contractions which means that your orgasms may be more intense and pleasurable than in the past.  You may also be able to maintain harder erections.
There may also be some health benefits to doing Kegel exercises.  If you have problems with urinary incontinence, for example, doing premature ejaculation exercises can also help you to reduce incontinence.  Doctors recommend it to patients to treat pain in the prostate from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis as well.

How Do You Do Premature Ejaculation Exercises?

To start out you’ll need to locate the pelvic floor muscles and learn how to consciously contract them.  You can find them most easily by going to the bathroom.  While you’re urinating you relax these muscles.  So if you can stop the flow of urine deliberately, you’ve learned how to contract your pelvic floor muscles.  Do this a couple of times until you’re sure you know which muscles to contract, and then give it a shot while you aren’t urinating.  Once you get a feel for that you’re ready to start doing the exercises.  You should not continue to do them while you’re urinating because this can cause urinary retention.Now you know where your pelvic floor muscles are, you can start working them out.  As you probably realized while you were in the bathroom figuring this out, working out your pelvic floor muscles has the advantage of being undetectable to others.  Since the muscles you’re contracting are internal, no one can tell if you’re doing anything with them or not.  Because of this, you can do Kegel exercises during any time of the day in any location while you’re doing any other activity and no one will know about it.
Most people find them easiest to do while lying down or sitting; it’s usually a little more difficult to manage them while standing up at first, though eventually you’ll probably be able to do so.  Contract your pelvic floor muscles just as you did when you were urinating.  You don’t need to hold the contractions for long.  Try doing a set of ten.  Once you are able to do a set of ten contractions (it shouldn’t be that difficult), try doing that several times a day.  Since you can do your Kegel exercises anytime, anywhere, you don’t need to fret about fitting them into your busy schedule.  There is no excuse for not doing your premature ejaculation exercises since you can do them on the road at traffic lights, at home while you’re watching TV or sitting at your computer, or even while you’re sitting at a dull meeting at work.
See if you can hold the contractions for longer spans of time.  This is optional; a lot of people never do this and still experience improvements.  This can give you even more control, however; see if you can hold each contraction for five seconds, then ten, and so on.  You don’t need to increase the number of sets you do each day; you should be able to achieve great results with moderation.

When Will You See Improvements?

How soon you’ll see improvements varies, but for a large number of men, improvements become evident within several weeks, assuming of course that you actually do your exercises diligently each day.  The exact timeframe will be determined by a number of factors including your genetics, your frame of mind, and other individual characteristics of your body and your sexuality.  It’s important to be patient, and also to take a holistic approach to dealing with premature ejaculation.  If you know that you suffer from depression, for example, you should also be taking steps to improve your mood and deal with whatever is causing your problem.  If you have relationship problems, you should be working to resolve them, and so forth.One of the reasons that premature ejaculation exercises are so successful for so many men is that they provide you with something which you can focus on other than your perceived inadequacy.  They give you a platform on which to build confidence.  After all, you should already know that when you diligently work out a muscle, it gets stronger.  It’s no different for your pelvic muscles.  This is something you can do which is clear-cut and which should have clear-cut results.

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