How drinking beer is beneficial for us?


How drinking beer is beneficial for us?


The benefits of drinking beer

Kidney benefit
A study has found that, drinking beer in suggested amounts can prevent the risk of kidney diseases.

Controls cholesterol
Beer is having fiber content and it lowers the bad cholesterol and helps to prevent the cholesterol related problems.

Reduces Osteoporosis
Hops in beer comprises of phyto-estrogens, a special compound which can help to minimize hot flashes, it also kicks off the osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. But Beer shouldn’t have to be used as a estrogen therapy replacement.

Lowers the sleeping problem
The one most common problem in children to adults is not having good amount of sleep, the insomnia problem, beer is having the natural tendency of making a person drowsy and offers a whole good sleep.

Vitamin B6
According to a dutch study, people who are drinking beer have greater levels of vitamin B6 in their blood when compared to the people who don’t consume beer.

Healthy bones
For the stronger and health bone structure, silicon is very necessary and one can find it easily through beer. We can stay away from pneumonia and other bronchitis problems with the compound humulone present in the beer. Humulone acts as a shield to the virus which causes the above problems.

Prevents diabetics
It is showed that men who consumed beer got the results of lower diabetics, in some cases the risk of diabetics type 2 was reduced.

Nutrition bottle
A beer bottle consists of many B vitamins such as niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12. It also consists of silicon a nutrient too.

Heart care
People who are drinking the beer in moderate quantities are having healthy hearts than those who are not drinking. It reduces the heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. It increases the good cholesterol levels by which arteries are safe from getting clogged. Beer contains beta-glucans a kind of soluble fiber added with improving heart care by minimizing cholesterol levels.

Brain Health
One of the problem that might come with the ageing is Alzheimer’s and they it can prevented with the help of beer. A research explained that drinking beer in a day will fight with the blood clots and increase the transmission of blood in the brain by which it will work effectively more over the before.

Meat prepared with the usage of beer consists of good amounts of antioxidants, which will fight with the free radicals and reduce the ageing problem.

Controls blood pressure
The moderate drinkers of beer are having the best chances to run away from high blood pressure, which is the main reason for the heart attacks.

Long life
A study conducted on the beer drinking people and non drinkers showed the great result, it subjected that the living life of the drinking people is great as beer prevent them from the heart diseases, cancers and kidney diseases.

Light beer
Drinking light beer adds only fewer calories as it contains of ethanol, Which also shows a very positive effect on heart health under the moderate consumption.

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