How garlic helps for your health

The strong smell of garlic fills the incompleteness of any Indian dish. Along With its greatness in the food recipe’s it also comes with huge health and medicinal benefits. Garlic has been under the use since time immemorial for many medical conditions including various diseases and symptoms.

Benefits of garlic
Works effective with antibacterial and antiviral properties
Garlic with its endeavoring antibacterial and antiviral properties helps to discard the bacterial, worn, fungal, viral and yeast infections. To sort out the food poisoning effect, chew two or three cloves of garlic, it kills the bacteria like coli and Salmonella enteritidis which are contributing for the food poison.

Protects heart
Garlic protects our heart from various serious heart attacks and atherosclerosis that tends to hit due various factors. As we age, our arteries lose their nature of stretch, garlic can minimize this activity and protects heart from the free oxygen radicals damaging effects.  Garlic treats the atherosclerosis by decreasing the clogging of blood vessels through its sulphur compound.

Soothes the psoriasis outbreaks
Psoriasis in many cases leaves the out breaks, to treat them garlic helps in an easy way. Simply squeeze the oil from garlic and rub over the affected area to get rash-free and smooth skin.

Treats the hair loss problem
Many of know that onion has the working action to treat the hair fall, similar to that garlic also controls the hair fall through its sulphur compound – allicin. Make the garlic cloves into slices and rub them over the scalp. Alternatively add the juice of garlic to coconut oil and massage over the scalp.

Garlic treats cold
To treat the cold and its associated allergies, try sipping the garlic tea, it provides relief from the cold and opens the airways. Cut few garlic cloves in to pieces and steep them in the hot water, strain the water and drink it up.

Reduces cholesterol
Garlic works effective in lowering our blood triglycerides and total cholesterol and reduces the formation of arterial plaque.

Fights with allergies
With the presence of the anti-inflammatory properties, garlic helps to combats with the allergies. Squeeze the juice from pasted garlic and apply over the skin down with rashes and insect bites to get fast results.

Controls weight
Few researches have proved that adding every day with garlic could decrease the weight by cutting the fat content in the body. So, toss them in your soups, salads and other food recipes.

Cures skin infections
Skin infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot affect are caused due to the fungal infections, the chemical named ajoene present in garlic fight with the fungus and cure the skin infections.

Reduce blood pressure
The protein called Angiotensin II improves our blood pressure through the contraction of blood vessels. Alicin present in garlic stops the angiotensin activity and reduces the blood pressure.

Reduces tooth ache
The properties of antibacterial and analgesic of garlic reduces the toothache. Simply put a garlic clove in the tooth area where you are getting ache, let it ooze the juice from clove into the mouth.

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