Amazing Carambola / star fruit health benefits

Amazing Carambola / star fruit health benefits 
Star fruit is also known as carambola specifically grown in south eastern parts of asia. The star fruit is in oval shape with 3-5 inches. The star fruit is in yellow in color. There are two different categories of this star fruit. One type is sour fruit which is high in oxalic acid. The second type is sweet star fruit when compared it has less amount of oxalic acid. Star fruit is noticed with different names in different areas. The star fruit contains vitamin A and vitamin C, fiber and iron. Star fruit contains anti-oxidants that are essential for our body. Star fruit is edible fruit and requires more sun light and humidity.

Health benefits of star fruit

Lowers cholesterol : Star fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C that help to reduce blood pressure levels and lowers the cholesterol. Star fruit contains high fiber and low calories which reduces the cholesterol.

Indigestion problem: Most of the people suffer with the indigestion problems. It causes due to intake of high calorie food. To overcome this indigestion prefers to eat fresh star fruit in small amounts for every 3 hours.

Skin disease: Skin problems are transmitted diseases. Most of the people get affected by the major skin diseases such as ringworm, chicken pox, acne which cause irritation to your skin. To avoid this problem use the decoction of roots and leaves of star fruit tree. This slowly reduced the marks and irritation of all skin problems.

Kidney problems:  If your kidney is functioning properly you can consume star fruit if your kidney has any problem it is very dangerous and sometimes leads to death.

Star fruit for beauty

Skin care: Star fruit is used for all the skin types. Star fruit is used to cleanse the face from tan. It is used as the skin moisturizer.

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