Top 10 health and beauty benefits of lentils

Top 10 health and beauty benefits of lentils

Lentils are high nutritional valued legumes, they taste nutty and earthy. They can be cooked in an easy way and are considered as one of the best rich foods to deal with many health problems. Add them in your salads, crackers, spreads and crudiles, and it is a leading food item in the vegetarian plate.
Lentils are the greatest store houses of nutrition, they contains vitamin k, dietary fiber, lean protein, potassium, zinc, niacin, folate, iron and calcium.The prevention control and disease control reports that consuming high amount of nutrient based food items like lentils can help to prevent many health problems.

Health and beauty benefits of lentils

Reduces cholesterol levels
The rich amount of soluble fiber present in the lentils helps reduce the levels of cholesterol, through which it secures the healthy heart. The low cholesterol levels reduce the risk of heart diseases and also stroke by retaining the arteries clean.

Healthy heart
To keep your heart in the right track and to prevent the risk of heart diseases food items that contain high fiber like lentils are key. Lentils also consists folate and magnesium which are known to be the saviors of heart from many diseases. Magnesium fuels blood flow, nutrients and oxygen through out the body where asfolate lowers homocysteine levels, the serious contributor of heart diseases. So add your diet with lentils to protect your heart from various disorders.

Treats indigestive problems
To treat the digestive disorders such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis the insoluble fiber available in lentils helps you very much.

Increases energy
Lentils are the houses of iron, for the production of energy and metabolism, sufficient transportation of oxygen to every part of the body is significant and one will require iron for this process of oxygen transportation. With the complex carbohydrates and fiber our body slow and steadily increases the energy.

Rich protein
Lentils are considered as the third peak producer of protein among all the nuts and legumes, by which it has become the source for protein for vegetarians and vegans. It nearly contributes about 26% of protein from its calories.

Weight loss
Lentils with their greatest benefits of offering proteins, vitamins and minerals also help you to cut down your weight. It is stocked with low calories and approximately zero fat. To calm your hunger pangs eat a bowl of cooked lentils, it just gives you 230 calories with a fuller feel.

Fuller hair
People who have been suffering with thin hair can make their hair fuller and lustrous with the help of lentils.  The high amount of iron present in the lentils transports oxygen to hair follicles, a necessary process for the growth and strength of the hair.

Make a habit of eating red lentils daily to fight with the aging contributors. The high content of proteins and fiber amounts will give you three quarters of daily recommended amounts. Eating them in the morning will make you feel fuller and decreases crave for eating.

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