Home remedies to treat vitiligo


The white spots, patches and streaks formed over the skin and even at hair is called vitiligo. In the condition of vitiligo, person lost his normal pigmentation through the reduction in the melanocytes and there is no chance for the birth of pigment or melanin once the melanocytes got destroyed. The percentage of population affected vitiligo are nearly one percent. It mostly affects the people who are having dark skin and light skin, where as it’s appearance is clear in the dark color complexion people. Between the ages of 10 to 30 fall mostly in the circle of vitiligo. Some of the common areas affected by vitiligo includes skin, hands, fingers, wrists, injury surfaces,  body folds and hair – the areas which are most often exposed. Vitiligo is a long term disease and its treatment differs. In about 30 percent of cases, the repigmentation of skin happened by exposing the skin to the sun light, when the skin is exposing to sun the melanocytes transfer from the near by skin or from the deep of hair follicles. If the skin is in the track of repigmentation, there appears small dots around the hair follicles.

Home remedies to treat vitiligo

Remedy 1
In a study conducted by the dermatology department, skin turns repigmented when is feeded with vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin C. So, take a vitamin B-12 complex that contains about 100 milligrams of each of important B vitamins and with a minimum about of 400 micrograms of folic acid in every day. You also need to take vitamin B-12 about 1000 milligrams and vitamin C about 2000 milligrams for two times in a day.

Remedy 2
If your skin tone is a normal one then you can opt for the cosmetic cover-up such as covermark and derma blend. These products used to cover up the small pigmentloss areas like face and hands. However, they fade with the day and you need to reapply for the next day.

Remedy 3
Try to stay away from skin trauma as possible you can, because cuts and abrasions most likely follow with the vitiligo in the affected places.

Remedy 4
Depending on the condition of your vitiligo, follow the suggestions from homeopath and go with alum, sulfur, sepia, phosphorus, natrum carbonicum and silica.

Remedy 5
If your skin is depigmented, protection must be given in the form of sunscreen. Apply a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more than that otherwise the affected area will be affected additionally with photoaging and sunburn. Choose the best one that is made with zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Prefer to apply the sunscreen even you are not at out of the door, even the sun light pinched from windows and car doors also gives you problem.The skin which loss its pigment eventually loss its protective pigment, may burn easily and becomes more sensitive to develop skin cancer. A product called Total block contains SPF of 60 along with antioxidants and protective liquid cover-up to cover and protect the affected skin in a cosmetic way.

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