Health benefits of being in sunshine

Sunlight is the most essential factor in everyone life. Sunlight plays a major role with positive traits related to human body. The primary source of sunlight is vitamin D which produces ultra violet radiation. Human body requires ultra violet radiation that is essential to promote vitamins. If sun exposure is at low levels it result to poor bone health. Sunlight is very useful in boosting the energy levels of human body. 

There are various health benefits of sunlight related to skin, heart, immune system, bacteria, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Health benefits of sunlight:

Sunlight Kills bacteria: When wounds are exposed to sunlight bacteria present in wounds is reduced without resulting more infections.

Skin care: When the skin is exposed to sunlight it helps to penetrate deep into skin and clean blood properly. If skin gets exposed for long time skin burns especially we observe this in childhood. When people use sunbed for long time it improves the risk of cancer problem of skin.

Immune system: When you are exposed to sun light the white blood cells present in your body will be increased which results in reducing the infections in your body.

Increase in height: When the child is exposed to sunlight in first few months it totally effect on how much the child grows taller. So sunlight plays an efficient role in growing taller.

Cholesterol levels: When you exposed to sunshine the cholesterol present in your body will convert into vitamin D. In the absence of sunlight, vitamin is converted into cholesterol.

Blood pressure: Sunlight plays a major role in reducing the blood pressure. When exposed to sunlight it lowers the blood pressure levels.

Depression: When we are exposed to sunlight it helps to overcome from stress and increase the mental performance, increase energy levels and improves sleep. These are main benefits that are caused by the sunlight.

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