Drinking guava juice is beneficial for health

Drinking guava juice is beneficial for health

Eating fruits is one of the best way to kickoff many health issues. Among the big list of great fruits in the market, guava is a special one with divergent health benefits. Let us see how guava and its juice helps our health.

Antibacterial properties
Guava juice is rich in antibacterial properties, which are required to remove out the bacteria and bad from the body. Guava is able to shrink and contract the tissues in the body which are in open position.

Controls blood sugar levels
In controlling the Type-2 blood sugar levels guava juice works very effective. Guava juice promotes the raise of insulin levels, there by helps to retain down the blood sugar levels. Infact guava juice is under the preparation of the pills by many companies that will reduce the blood
sugar levels.
Prepare guava juice to patients as in the following way: Take a whole guava and remove the skin and seeds from it, made it into small pieces inorder to grind it well. Pour the pieces into grinder along with few guava leaves and some amount of water, extract the juice from it, strain it and drink it.

To decrease the development of the cancer generating cells guava juice helps a lot. Guava juice consists of a strong anti-oxidant named lycopene, which helps the body to flush away the free radicals which are promoting the cancer cells generation.

Relieves from stomach problems
If you are feeling dull with the stomach related problems such as indigestion, diarrhea and constipation guava juice helps to cure them. Guava juice contains fiber and is helpful to promote the digestion.
It treats the diarrhea and constipation by shrinking the open tissues in the body, this process helps to shrink and balance the active intestines. To get the best results, consume guava juice before going to eat the breakfast.

Acne remedy
Make a habit of drinking guava juice to get many skin benefits along with health benefits. Guava juice cures the skin problems such as acne, boils, zits and wrinkles. It helps to make the skin clear and acts as an astringent in tightening the muscles and skin.

The astringent properties present in the guava juice helps to give relief from toothache, it is also aids in treating the gum and mouth sores.

Fights with Flu
Drink guava juice to get rid of the flu and its causing viruses. Guava juice is loaded with high amounts of vitamin C which is required to fight with the agents that are causing the flu. As flu is an air borne disease that hits the person during the frequent weather changes and/or when he is being with low immunity, the vitamin C works effective in boosting the immune system and to combat with the flu-causing agents.

Dengue fever
To treat the dengue fever, guava juice acts like an effective solution. Try to drink two to three times per a day to note the difference.

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