Condoms That Make You Last Longer

When you’re trying to overcome premature ejaculation, there are a few products which might theoretically help you.  None of these products is necessarily going to be as good as natural techniques for a long-term difference, but perhaps one of the more useful products is a condom which can make you last longer in bed.  There are a couple of variations on these condoms, and they are superior to some other non-natural techniques.  Let’s take a look at how these condoms work and whether they might help you.
Condoms to make you last longer come in two main varieties.  One type is a condom which is simply thicker than average.  Since the condom is thicker, it blocks some of the sensation of sex, which in turn makes you last longer.  The other type is a condom that is lined with an anesthetic gel inside that deadens sensation.  This type of condom helps you to last longer for the same reason; since you feel less
stimulated, you’re less likely to come fast.  Both of these condoms have an advantage over anesthetic gel which you apply directly to the penis without a condom—the anesthetic gel won’t get out on your partner, which means you won’t be deadening sensation for her.  This will make sex more enjoyable for her, though it’s questionable whether it’ll be more enjoyable for you.

Some men are okay with the anesthetic gel or thick condom walls, but others find them too inhibiting.  Sensation is pretty much the point of sex, so if you’re not able to experience as much pleasure, it’s not going to be as much fun.  This is why many men prefer to find a solution other than condoms that can make them last longer.  One of the easiest solutions is to take a medication.  This is not the best solution however since pills for premature ejaculation may come with many side effects, and they are also expensive over time.

Many men don’t take well to wearing condoms in general either.  Even condoms that aren’t designed to deaden sensation can do so anyway, and some men can’t get an erection while wearing them at all.  This is yet another reason that they may not be the best solution.  You can try them out, but if you want a more pleasant alternative which is also going to have more of a positive impact on your sex life in the long run you can consider natural techniques instead.

Natural Techniques to Last Longer

Natural techniques don’t require that you purchase supplies on an ongoing basis.  You may want to purchase an ebook or instructional videos which can help you get started, but these are one-off purchases—you don’t have to keep resupplying like you do with medications or condoms designed to help you last longer in bed.  You may not need to buy anything at all depending on how intuitive natural techniques are for you.

What you need to know about premature ejaculation is that it is nearly ubiquitous among men—more men have it than don’t.  While that might sound discouraging at first, another fact you need to know is that premature ejaculation rarely has a biological cause (beyond genetics), and that moreover it is something which most men can change without the use of drugs or condoms.  All it requires is that you make some adjustments and put a little work into lasting longer in bed.  The vast majority of men who put the effort into lasting longer will have some degree of success.  You can build off of that success over time, especially as you start to feel more confident.

You can talk to your doctor about your problem and you’ll receive many of the same suggestions that you’ll find online.  Your doctor’s initial recommendation will probably be that you try Kegel exercises that work out the muscles which are used during ejaculation.  Working out these muscles gives you more control over them, which then gives you increased control over whether or not you ejaculate at a given moment.

There are also techniques which you can practice while you’re having sex such as different sexual positions and moves which can take the pressure off the head of your penis and vary the sensations you experience.  The result of these techniques is generally that you can delay orgasm while still having a good time with your partner.

It’s important to try and figure out why you have premature ejaculation.  There may be no underlying reason for it beyond genetics, or there may be some underlying psychological basis.  For many men the reason may have something to do with furtive, hurried sexual experiences earlier in life which became learned patterns of habitual behavior over time.  For others it may have something to do with social conditioning.  For others still the culprit could be anxiety or depression, both of which can have all kinds of negative influences on your sex life.  Another possibility is that problems in your relationship which are unresolved could be making it difficult for you to perform during sex.  These problems would need to be brought to the surface and solved before you could experience success.  Since premature ejaculation can lead to relationship issues, depression and anxiety, you may be in the middle of an ongoing cycle.  That cycle can break, though, so work on resolving your problems and try to be optimistic.

You don’t necessarily have to choose natural methods or products exclusively, either.  You may benefit from a combination of methods.  For example, perhaps you can use a condom in the short term to help you out right now, but you can also start doing Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles.  Within a few weeks you may find you don’t need to rely on the condoms anymore while you’re having sex.  Condoms and similar products may help you out in the short term, but you can make a long-term difference and boost your confidence by learning to rely on yourself.

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