Lemon Tea and its health benefits

Lemon tea is a kind of black/green tea which is added with sufficient amount of lemon juice before sipping. When compared to a normal tea either the taste or the health benefits of lemon tea are huge, by which it became more famous. Let us see how prepare a good lemon tea Not every procedure will give a good lemon tea. There is a perfect method to brew it. Take one cup of water and heat it, when the water is just about to boil switch off flame. Now add half a tablespoon of tea leaf, if you want a strong flavor go with three quarters of tablespoon of tea leaf. You can use green tea instead of tea leaf. Now brew the solution for two minutes, flame off and add lemon juice from a quarter lemon. Add sugar to your limits and enjoy drinking the great flavor of lemon tea. Well, honey is a best choice to prefer rather than sugar. To make it more healthier toss few pieces of fresh ginger and some leaves of mint.  
Health benefits of lemon tea
 The natural antiseptic properties of lemon juice is very necessary for our health. At the same time it is the best alternative to the carbonated drinks and caffeine drinks.  
Reduces cold and flu
 Drinking lemon tea in the winter season is an ideal way to warm up the body. Add few pieces of ginger to your lemon tea to reduce the cold and flu that is common in winter. Try drinking for three to four cups of lemon tea to solve the cold associated problems like sore throat and some more.  
Healthy skin
Lemon tea will give you rich amounts of antioxidants, by which it cleans the skin and flushes out the toxins and bad from the body. The removal of toxins from the body helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer.  
Mental health and cleansing action
 Lemon tea is believed to be a strong cleansing agent and the major health benefits of lemon tea are encompassing its action on various body systems. The stress levels release various blood toxins in our body, by which the mental health will be disturbed. Lemon tea cleanses our blood and makes us feel energetic and healthy. Apart from those, lemon tea cleanses the major systems in out body including digestive system and skin.
Aids digestion
 Lemon improves the digestive health. It soothes the stomach and aids in improving the regular digestion.  
  In treating the infections and diseases, the antiviral and antibacterial properties of lemon tea helps us a lot. So, add your day with the lemon tea and its benefits.
  • Lemon tea is not suggested for kids
  • Consult your doctor before going to drink lemon tea if you are under any medication.
  • It is not recommended for the high blood pressure patients to use in a regular manner.
  • Avoid lemon tea if you are down with irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea problem.
  • It is restricted for pregnancy women or breastfeeding women.

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