Hottest Hair Trends

With the changing of the seasons, comes the changing of your wardrobe. As you hang up your summer florals, you’ll be looking for hot new trends hitting the international catwalks to inspire your winter wardrobe.

But no look is complete without the hairstyle to match, so the Sebastian Professional Design Team is here to show you what’s hot for 2011 – from cuts and colours, to celeb styles to steal.
Led by Design Team Director, Joey Scandizzo, the team forecasts short crops, grungy texture, striking colour and pastels as some of the key looks this coming season.


Product is HOT – polished hair NOT. Raw, clumpy, rough or multi-dimensional, texture is the way forward in 2011. “We’re going to see a softer side of the 80s influence,” says Rachel Walker from Artistic Visions in Perth. “Long styles will be full of layers, with a grungy street style, making you look ‘un-done’ and effortless. Straight hair is definitely out – if you’ve got even a slight natural wave, work with it to enhance it. Think Blake Lively and Anne Hathaway, they work this look really well.” Sebastian’s Potion 9 and Thickefy Foam are a must for these looks.

Shorter styles are also having a comeback, with crops featuring heavy, swept or curved fringes and bobs cut just below the lobe to frame the face. “These cuts don’t suit everyone – so make sure you consult your stylist before deciding on the cropped look you’re after. Different face shapes require balancing in different ways, so you may need to add a fringe or thin your style out with layers.”


“From rich coppers right through to sandy shades, red is the new blonde,” advises Joey Scandizzo. “It’s been a major part of fashion designers’ collections and is now translating through into hair. Multi-faceted colour is also going to be big, with subtle tie-dying a key trend to look out for, as well as bold, vibrant hues balanced with pastels.” Maintain with a rebuilding and nourishing range like Sebastian’s Penetraitt trio which will keep your colour vibrant ensure it’s in top condition.

Balayage has long been a favourite for some and will see a resurgence this year. “Pip Edwards and Sarah Jessica-Parker put this style on the map, but we’ve seen Drew Barrymore and even Jennifer Aniston get on board of late – it’s definitely not going anywhere in a hurry.”


Ryan Mitchell, of Sydney’s Renya Xydis City salon, says three modernised classics are going to be big this year, the first sported by January Jones. “Her style doesn’t just look hot on the set of Mad Men. When she hit the Golden Globes red carpet, her sophisticated style oozed class and glamour. On the other end of the scale, you’ve got Emma Watson’s modern day ‘Twiggy’ cut – I loved this from the moment I first saw it. It instantly transformed her from a little girl into a sexy young woman.” Keep it looking raw and textured with Sebastian’s Craft Clay – a must for defining short styles.

But nothing screams sexy more than Tom Ford’s new muse, Freja Beha Erichsen. “Her 70s shag cut is amazing. Not since Farrah Fawcett have I seen a shag cut that looks as good as this – I’d expect this to be very big this year!”

No matter what your style for the coming seasons, don’t forget to update your hair when you update your wardrobe. From 60s chic to 80s texture, be inspired by the coming trends and enliven your locks with fearless fashion.

Winter Beauty Problems: Solved!

Winter's harsh winds and high-powered heating can give you skin like sandpaper, lips like a cracked riverbed and a nose like a shiny red Christmas tree bauble.

But fear not - experts have offered their tips on how to combat these assassins of winter beauty.
"My skin is dry and flaky"
Melbourne make-up artist Tanya Guccione says one of the most basic things to remember during winter is to keep hydrated.
"It seems simple but I would definitely say make sure you drink plenty of water."
Guccione says when skin is thirsty, the wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth will become more pronounced.
She also suggests a few household products that will help beat winter flakiness.
For a cheap, quick and light refreshing scrub, she recommends blending bicarbonate soda and olive oil.
"Bicarbonate soda is the perfect sized granule for exfoliating," Guccione says. For hands and body, use sugar and olive oil.
She also advises Lanolin moisturisers, which are a cheap but effective way to sooth and nourish skin.
"It is really quick in actually repairing," she says.
Polished Makovers artist Stephanie Foley says choosing a foundation with hydrating properties can help beat dryness in winter.
"Moisturiser should be part of your daily routine," she says. "Remember that even in winter your moisturiser should include a broad spectrum sun protection."
"My face is red and wind-bitten"
To soothe redness, Guccione recommends a light spray to refresh the skin.
"I like to mix lavender oil and rosehip oil and a little distilled water in a spray bottle. I spray that on my face to calm winter redness."
Foley says it's important for women to switch make-up during winter to ensure their look remains natural.
"Put away your summer foundation as you're generally paler in winter," she says. Foley recommends women use a foundation one to two shades lighter than their summer foundation.
"You can blend the two to find the perfect shade."
Guccione says women should choose a product to suit their age. For example, cream eyeshadows can crease so women worried about tiny lines around their eyes should stick to a powder. But for cheeks, a cream blush with give a fresh, dewey look, she says.
"On younger skin, it's free reign," Guccione says. "It's time to make mistakes and learn what suits you."
"My lips are cracked and sore"
"Dry, chapped lips are an unfortunate part of winter," says Foley. "So lip balm is even more important in winter. Apply lip balm throughout the day to replenish moisture in your lips, try a tinted lip balm for some added colour."
Guccione says exfoliating lips will clean away rough skin.
"A cool trick is putting a little olive oil and sugar on a toothbrush and rubbing it into your lips to exfoliate."
After exfoliating, add a lip balm to seal the lips. Guccione recommends another lanolin-based product, Lanolips, a rich moisturising lip balm that comes in five colours to bring warmth to the face.

Avoid Dry Skin This Winter!

When it comes to winter beauty tips, we all live by two rules: exfoliate and moisturise.


From the cold winter chill outside to the drying heating indoors, your skin becomes increasingly dry in winter, so it’s important to keep your skin hydrated during the cooler season. While keeping up your water intake is an obvious solution, so too, is using intense body moisturisers.
Sometimes, no matter how much you moisturise, your skin can still look dry and scaly in winter. While it’s important to keep up with the moisturising routine, don’t forget to exfoliate too! Giving your body a good scrub will remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to really soak up the mosituriser you’ve been using.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of dry, wind-burnt lips, cracked lips. Just like any other body part, it’s important to take great care in your lips – after all, it’s the feature you can’t hide when things go a little pear-shaped! Keep a trusty lip balm in your handbag at all times and apply contantly throughout the day.


Like your lips, your hands are in constant contact with all the drying elements in the air in winter. While turning to a pair of cloves is a good idea to protect your mittens from the cold, it’s also important to keep them hydrated as well. We suggest you keep a moisturiser in your handbag, on your desk art work, and by your bedside to get you in the habit of applying!

Hot Hair Trend: 70s Revival

The catwalk's penchant for big hair, flares and even bigger platforms is far from over.

Spring/Summer runway looks from New York to London have embraced the rebellious spirit of 70’s inspired fashion in full swing, so get ready to say hello to whimsical floral prints, bell-bottoms, and Farah Fawcett hair!
To bring you up to speed on the hottest hair trends of the season and have you ready to boogie the spring nights away, Studio 54 style, is Sebastian Professional Design Team Director, Joey Scandizzo.


Volume makes a resounding comeback this year and is staying put for spring. According to Joey, “unlike the rock hard beehive look popular in the 70’s and 80’s, volume in 2011 is based on softness and movement.” To achieve soft voluminous hair as seen on the S/S 2011 runways in Vera Wang’s bold bouffant up dos and on celebrities like the gorgeous Drew Barrymore (pictured), Joey recommends using Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray. “These products will create ‘touchable’, ‘bouncy’ volume through an innovative micro-particle technology that adds height while simultaneously delivering softness to hair.”


“Poker straight hair has had its heyday. Instead, embrace your natural wave to create sexy tousled beach hair perfect for the warmer months.” Joey explains that this is all part of the trend that sees bolder haircuts replaced by softer, layered styles that embrace femininity. Curls and waves are not about polished perfection this season, but rather a natural, loose, laid back style as seen on the Anna Sui runway.
Texture is also key to pulling of this look. Joey suggests; “mixing Sebastian Professional Craft Clay with Mousse Forte and working this into ends to enhance shape and create effortless style.”


Following the ‘effortless’ trend that is favoured this spring, up-dos are loose and slightly undone. While last year may have been the year of the topknot, this season has seen buns make a shift to the nap, as witnessed in the Nina Ricci runway show. To create the look, use Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam to lift roots and finish with a Halo Mist, imparting hair with a clean natural shine. This elegant look is perfect for teaming with a fascinator or hat for a very on-trend trackside look.


In true 70’s style the blunt fringe also makes a return this season. “They’re a great way to breathe new life into any style,” advises Joey. A look sported by model Abbey Lee Kershaw and fashionista Alexa Chung will prove to be hot for spring. Joey suggests opting for a heavy, slightly longer fringe that falls just below the eyebrows.

So overhaul your drab winter style with these fresh looks for spring. Whatever your style, this season’s new wave of 70’s glamour provides plenty of options.

How to Wear Red Lipstick

Think you can’t work a red lip? Think again! Here's how to create the perfect red pout and ooze classic Hollywood glamour.

That's right ladies. You don’t need to be a Hollywood screen queen to pull off red lipstick – you can ALL wear it and look amazing!
According to makeup guru Napoleon Perdis, “Many women shy away from red but they’re missing out. Wearing a red lip is the fastest way to upgrade your image; it’s face-brightening, teeth-whitening, and mood altering.”
Red lips embody a classic, elegant and versatile look that never goes out of style.
To explain further and give you all some top tips for ravishing red lips, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Nicola Snell, make-up artist from Napoleon Perdis.

Can every woman wear red lipstick?

Yes! When thinking about wearing a red lipstick, channel your inner screen siren or favourite diva and use that confidence to help you carry your red lip. Confidence is the key and a bold lip is the perfect statement for ss 11/12

What kind of an impression do red lips create?

A red lip is classic, feminine and very powerful. Red is the colour of love and is very exciting, so it can create many different impressions. When I see a women wearing a red lip I instantly take a second glance.

Are there any skin tones or hair colours that should avoid red lips?

All skin tones and hair colours can rock a red lip. It comes down to the individual and what they feel most comfortable in. To test what colour red would best suit , try a test patch on the tip of your index finger, the colour on your index finger will be a closer shade to your natural lip tone than on the back of your hand. Experiment! that's the beauty of make up it washes off if you decide to change your mind.

Are there any contexts or occasions when it should be avoided? (eg. like the office)

A red lip can work for any occasion. Just keep in mind the overall look of your makeup before you start applying. Do you want the eyes and lips to be both bold or perhaps something more subtle? Do as Napoleon does, if after 12 minutes you're not convinced take it off and try something else.

What tone of red should women go for if they’ve never worn a red lipstick before?

Napoleon has answered every woman's dream with the latest Under Cover Red Lip Gloss. It works with your natural pH level in your lips and is self adjusting so it becomes your own customized red. This is the perfect product for anyone wanting to try a red lip for the first time.

Are there any rules or tricks when it comes to applying red lipstick?

Maintenance is the key. Before you apply your red lipstick make sure the lips are semi hydrated, this will make sure your application is smooth and rid of any winter blues. For precision use a Compact Lip Brush 2b this will ensure the lipstick is applied evenly and will help you to stay within your natural lip line. Once applied be sure to finish your red lip with a lip liner. Applying your lip liner last will act as a cage around your lips, it will give your lipstick more staying power and your lips more definition. If you're not up for the maintenance I would definitely recommend either Lady In Red Lip Gloss (RRP $30) or Front Row Red Lip Gloss (RRP $30). Both are long lasting and packed with ingredients that will nourish and protect your lips all day long. Reddy, Steddy, Ravishing!

What products should be applied to rest of the face when wearing red lips?
When rocking your red lip stick to a more natural eye as this will balance your overall look and keep the lips as the focus. To create a screen siren look,apply a crisp liquid liner to the top lash line and extend slightly for a more dramatic finish. If your going from desk to dance floor add a fake lash to create the wow factor.

Favourite celebrity red lips?

Dita Von Teese is my favourite all time celebrity when it comes to the perfect red lip. She oozes confidence and sexuality whilst still keeping it very classic chic.LifeStyle YOU LOVES: Double Agent Rouge Lip Palette (RRP $33)
Napoleon says: "Chanel Your Inner Bond Girl."
This fantastic product from the new Better Off Red Collection comes in a cute duo compact with both a semi-matte lipstick palette and a pressed lip powder.
Pro Tip: First load a lip brush with the lipstick then brush over the lips. Build color for intensity. Next pat and smooth powder with the sponge to set color for a totally matte lip look.
The Result: A velvety, matt-tastic, full-bodied red pout. Move over Marilyn! We can't stop wearing this!

Beauty Tips for Perfect Eyebrows!

1. How do you get the perfect brows?

A professional brow aesthetician can perfect your eyebrows by enhancing your natural shape and working to achieve your style objectives. In my salon, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to brow shapes; whether you’re trying to grow brows back in or create a finer, more contoured shape, I tailor to the individual.
I strongly recommend selecting a specialist brow salon where a therapist has had intensive brow training; this way you can be confident your aesthetician is capable and has a true passion for brows!
I use unique measuring techniques to determine the ideal shape for each client - I don’t believe in the use of stencils. Sometimes customers will come in requesting celebrity eyebrow trends (eg. wider brows and on-trend higher arches), but I will not create an unnatural shape for their face. It is so important to consider the client’s facial features and bone structure. Eyebrows frame your face and have the ability to take years off your appearance so the correct shape, width and colour are essential components to achieving brow perfection.
An initial shape by a professional is essential and you can maintain this between visits with the correct use of tweezing. But don’t be over-zealous!

2. Can you talk us through the step-by-step process?

In the salon -
I don’t wish to reveal all my secrets but...
1. I first trim the brows. Trimming the hair before tweezing will reveal the brow shape and remove the weight and bulk so it is easier to create an ideal shape.
2. Using a pencil, I perform a series of measurements to determine where the highest point of the arch should be, where the brow should start and finish.
3. I mark the spots mapped out above with a brow pencil, then begin tweezing or waxing accordingly. I remove no more than two rows of hair to maintain a natural effect. I sometimes also need to remove just a few hairs from the top of the outer edges to create a subtle downward slope.
4. For close-set eyes, I would tweeze a few more hairs at the beginning of the brow as it helps to create more space and makes eyes appear wider.
5. For wide set eyes, I would leave slightly more hair at the beginning of the brow to create the illusion of less space between the eyes.

3. Waxing v plucking, benefits, who good for, what look does each give?

Both techniques achieve similar results, but I’ve found that a combination of waxing, plucking and trimming of the brows provides the ideal shape. Waxing is ideal as it's quick, removes a section of hair at once, and gets the initial 'sting' over with quickly.
However, it will not grab the ultra fine, short re-growth hair. Plucking is necessary for this and is required for the ultimate precision, whilst trimming gives a polished appearance and keeps brows looking full and healthy. I encourage clients to maintain their eyebrows between treatments by carefully plucking outside the shape I’ve created – over plucking can be disastrous and hair can take a long time to grow back. I would always leave waxing to the experts.
On another note, threading is becoming quite a popular technique. I have chosen not to offer this technique, as it is very easy to remove too much hair in one movement with this method, and the hair grows back very slowly. Currently I have clients whose brows are not growing back due to threading treatments, and this prevents me from updating or enhancing their shape to their liking.

4. Benefits of going to a salon vs. DIY

Obviously, the only benefit of DIY is the cost saving. I am happy for clients to maintain with some plucking at home but I would strongly suggest they have their initial shape designed by a professional. They can then cut back on costs by visiting every second month, teamed with some at-home maintenance.
A regular beauty therapist who has not undertaken specific brow training may perform an ordinary eyebrow wax. The therapist may take a 'one size fits all' approach to eyebrow shaping.
A great eyebrow wax and shape will occur when the therapist has the correct training, experience and passion for brows and takes into consideration the individual face shape of the women she is waxing. Like a good hairdresser, she will be able to explain why a particular style, eg. a high Megan Fox arch, will not suit the client, and suggest an alternate option. They will then use a combination of waxing and tweezing and at all times ensure the client is comfortable, while maintaining an immaculate work area.
Ask friends for recommendations, trust a professional and make regular appointments to maintain your perfect shape.

5. What are the essential brow tools you should have at home.

To create the perfect eyebrows you will need:
1.A magnifying mirror, preferably with a light
2.A good quality set of tweezers (preferably slanted)
3.Eyebrow scissors for trimming
4.Eyebrow brush and eyelash comb to tame unruly hairs
5.An eyebrow pencil

General Tips

You might like to take a panadol before your brow wax to minimise the sting. Avoid coffee before your appointment as it is a stimulant and will make the waxing more uncomfortable.

How to Apply Makeup in Less Than 5 Minutes

Do you always find yourself in a rush in the morning? How To Look Good Naked Canada’s Libor Ĺ ula investigates how to apply makeup in just 5 minutes.

1, Start with a great foundation to even out your skin tone

2. Apply concealer

Stick to where the discolouration is. A thicker, creamier concealer will give the most coverage – perfect for under-eye circles and any heavy pigmentation.

3. Apply a light dusting powder

By applying a light dusting powder all over the face it will prevent shinyness.

4. Don’t be afraid of blush

To wake up a weary face, apply some blush to the apples of the cheeks in a downward-facing motion.

5. Brighten up your eyes

Apply a light eyeshadow over the entire lid and add eyeliner and mascara to set you up for the whole day. Blend eyeliner in with the lash line starting from the outer corners. Apply mascara from the base to the tip to lift your lashes up and away from your face.

4 Steps to the Perfect Pedicure

How to the Perfect Pedicure?

1. Get the foundations right

A lot of people choose a bold colour to hide a manner of sins, but it’s important to get the foundations right, too. Shape your nails, cut your cuticles and scrub your feet to make them nice and soft.

2. Get painting

Once they’re soft and silky, apply polish. Use a cotton bud and nailvarnish remover to clean up if you go round the edges.

3. Don’t use dark colours too often

This can lead to discolouration, so alternate with a light colour. For every two weeks with colour, have one week without to allow your nails to breathe.

4. Add shimmer and sparkle

For added sexiness, dust a shimmer powder across the top of your toes and add a toe ring if you’re feeling glam!

Autumn/Winter Hair Trends

Sleek & Sexy

If summer loving has left your tresses looking worse for wear, then the change of season calls for a moisture overhaul. To revive dehydrated, frizzy locks, Rachel Walker suggests reaching for Hydre Shampoo and Conditioner. Its protein packed formula intensely nourishes damaged hair for invigorated shine and health. Used in conjunction with Hydre Treatment, your hair will be ready to flaunt hot looks from the new season in no time.
“Showcasing your hydrated tresses will be about convenient glamour for A/W 2012”, advises Rachel, “thanks to the humble ponytail featuring heavily on the runways of Paris, London and New York. And whether it’s a dutiful daytime style or something sleek and sexy for the evening – the ponytail is an excellent styling solution.” Another accessible style that’s set to thrive is the high ballerina bun. Seen on the catwalk of Donna Karan, this easily achieved look is great for adding an altogether feminine, ladylike touch to your outfit.
What’s even better about both these styles is that they’re brilliant when styling from wet to dry and perfect for those times you need to look fab in a flash. For a flawless finish, Rachel suggests prepping hair with a mist of Shine Define to give your look lasting hold and a brilliant shine, while keeping flyaways at bay.

From Flat to Plait

The endless styling and preening during the party months can leave your hair limp and lifeless. So to re-inject body and bounce, Rachel recommends the hair body-building Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner. Featuring unique cushion particle technology, this hard working formula locks in volume and softness without adding weight or crunch to the hair.
This weightless volume provides the perfect base for rocking the effortless side plait, first seen on the catwalk of Alexander Wang and set to stick around for A/W 2012. Rachel recommends the plait as a great statement option to dress up drab winter fashions with minimum effort. To perfect the look, work Craft Clay into your hair before braiding, to create a Wang-worthy texturised plait.


If chlorinated pools, sun worshiping and all round mistreatment have left your ends damaged beyond repair – it’s time to go for a chop. “From Posh to Pixie, crops have been on the rise for the last few years – and we haven’t seen the end of them. Crops are the choice of the bold, used to create a dramatic, edgy look.” So if no amount of treatment will nurse your split ends back to health, embrace your inner rock star and opt for a Geldof style crop for an on-trend look.
The best thing about short styles is their versatility, and to bring your crop to life Rachel suggests Matte Putty to deliver different texture and shapes without the look or feel of product.

Colour Repair

Lastly, if your much-loved hue has been left faded and worn, go for a change and try one of the on-trend colour choices for A/W 2012. The new months will see a preference towards bright, warm copper tones, with Nordic blondes and beige hues also set to turn heads. “Colour blocking will be a trend set to stay”, says Rachel, “with a return to more earthy and natural hues as opposed to the manufactured candy colours seen in previous seasons.”

How to Get Natural Luminosity

The Look: Natural Luminosity

The hair look at the Missoni A/W ‘12 show was inspired by nature. Wella Professionals, Global Creative Directors Eugene Souleiman and Josh Wood collaborated on a hair look that reflected a clothing collection inspired by nature.“I was influenced by some of the textural finishes of the collection and in particular the grain of wood. I wanted to recreate the idea of fluidity and texture within the hair which is why I used a lot of Wella Professionals Styling Mousse to create a furrowed effect on the top of the head that had a set finish yet was incredibly light. The soft effect created by rolling the hair up at the back of the head worked in contrast to the textured top of the head and also instantly made long hair appear shorter and helped to accentuate the necklines in the Missoni collection”, said Eugene Souleiman.
Josh Wood commented, “I was able to use an incredible new hair colour product at the show that will be launched later this year. It gives brilliant luminosity and a sheer finish that mimics the effects of natural sunlight on the hair, and this gave Eugene an amazing natural base for the styling. This finish is incredibly popular right now and I can’t wait to talk more about it! Watch out for the big reveal soon!”

Get the Look:

• Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.
• Apply Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier for the perfect styling base
• Roughly dry the hair and apply Wella Professionals Extra Volume Mousse, brushing through with a soft bristle brush to smooth the product into the hair and then dry the hair completely
• Section the hair into four horizontal sections and secure in place
• Take the second from the top clipped section and pull back the sides of the hair tightly into a pony tail
• Roll the bottom section up using chopsticks for an extra tight roll and pin in place in the middle of the neck
• Take the top section of hair and brush through then add a tangerine sized amount of Wella Professionals Extra Volume Mousse and smooth over from the hair line to the crown
• Add more mousse to each side of the head to smooth down the hair and create a sleek and streamlined silhouette
• Add Wella Professionals Create Character Texturising Spray to the underneath of the top section and gently backcomb using a soft bristle brush for added volume and furrowed texture effect
• Take the remaining sections of hair and tie into a low pony tail. Roll the pony tail underneath the bottom section that has been rolled horizontally to create a smooth, tucked under effect in middle of the neck and secure with pins

• Finish the look with hairspray to keep everything in place

Hot Hair Trend

The Look: Beautiful Dream

The hair look at Antonio Marras A/W 12 show in Milan was an ethereal dream of lightness. The look, according to Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director, Care & Styling, Wella Professionals, was borne out of necessity as a light touch to counteract the beautiful rich collection.
“Antonio always has a strong narrative to his collections, like a beautiful dream, and I wanted to extend this dream like quality to the hair look. I wanted the hair to feel romantic, light and almost as if it was styled by nature, with a textured quality to it” said Eugene. “There was also a slight Asian feeling to the collection with a classic Asian color palette of black, red and gold, which gave the hair a slightly ‘geisha’ feel” Eugene added.

Get the Look:

• Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.
• Roughly dry the hair with a blow dryer and spray Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz in to the roots and dry backwards away from the face – the Ocean Spritz takes away any remaining moisture in the hair and makes it light and fluffy with a ‘fly away’ feel.
• Next, run straightening irons through the length of the hair to create an almost static feel to the hair.
• Allow the hair to fall in to a natural centre parting, then brush back and tie in to a loose ponytail with elastic.
• Once tied, let the ponytail drop a little to form a ‘baggy’ underneath section.
• Twist the ponytail and wrap it around itself, tying it into a knot, pulling the remaining hair through the knot, and pinning the knot into place.
• Massage the ends of the knot with fingers to add a little lightness the blow the hair forwards with the dryer from the back of the head towards the front – while at the same time spray in the direction of the air with Wella Professionals Stay Styled Hairspray.
• For the show, Eugene finished off with a light spray of gold hair color spray around the front of the face to give a little luminescence under the show lights.