How to Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women

A reader writes in asking the following question:


After reading everything on your site over and over again, studying it, emulating it, I’ve been becoming more and more successful picking up women, and sleeping with them. But there is always that girl that will become rather romantic, clingy with you after the first date and sex. Actually, that’s my current situation.

How do I make sure I keep the women I have slept with from sucking me into a relationship I don’t want? But continue to have amazing sex?”

This is the typical standard type of question that I hear from a lot of guys.

They already know how to pick up a girl. They have already mastered the ability to have sex with beautiful women. And they already know how to give girls lots of orgasms in bed.

But what they continuously find themselves struggling with is sleeping with a girl yet at the same time… preventing her from becoming too clingy and giving them ultimatums.

So how do you have sex with a girl, keep it interesting and FUN for you and her, yet stop her from demanding a relationship with you and if you refuse to give in prevent her from wanting to quit having sex with you?

This article will (hopefully) answer that question.

How to Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women: Step-By-Step

You enter a club and you begin chatting with some of your friends with your only purpose being just to have some FUN…

Across the room from you, you notice a beautiful brunette woman dressed seductively and sporting high heels on with a cute mini skirt…

You look in her direction and she continuously looks in yours trying to signal for you to approach and talk to her…

After a while of some back and forth eye contact, you confidently walk towards her while simultaneously holding eye contact with her…

You start a conversation with her with a neutral opener asking her “How is your night going so far?”

She smiles, continues to hold eye contact with you, and positively responds back to you…

A conversation ensues between the two of you and you and her can both feel the sexual tension and electricity in the air…

You both know that you are each attracted to the other person and your connection for each other continues to build higher and higher…

After a few minutes of conversation, you confidently suggest to her “Let’s go outside to get some air”

Outside you guys continue to talk while standing within each others personal space, and you begin to lightly touch her and stroke her arms…

At this point you can now tell that this girl REALLY likes you and is simply waiting for you to lead the interaction to the next phase… the bedroom.

You casually say to her “Let’s grab a nightcap back at my place”, she agrees to it and the 2 of you both catch a taxi back to your place…

As you both enter your house you casually mention to her to take her shoes off at the front door because you are conscious about getting outside bacteria into your living room…

You pour her a glass of wine and the 2 of you sit at the front of your bed because that is the ONLY place to sit inside of your room…

As you guys continue to talk with one another you slowly move closer and closer to her… she can tell that you are about to make a move but you wait… you let the sexual tension build further and further and before you know it… she kisses YOU first…

You guys have very passionate sex throughout the rest of the night and in the morning you guys share breakfast in bed and talk and relate to one another…

Eventually you realize that it is time for you to head to work and she also has to get going… so you guys make plans to get together again and hang out in the future…

And this is where most men mess up… BIG TIME!!!

She is Only Your “Friend With Benefits”

At a certain phase in your seduction journey you will find yourself able to sleep with girls consistently on the first date.

But then after that… well… you will find yourself spending more and more time with this particular girl which is BAD.

The more time that you spend with this girl, the more invested in her that you become, the more serious and romantic that she begins to view her relationship with you, and the more sooner or later that the ultimatum will come (and if you refuse ) the sex WILL stop.

She will begin to give you demands, tell you to stop seeing other women, and begin monitering your entire social life. And… she will want you and her to begin spending a LOT more time together with each other.

So how do you avoid and stop this all of this from happening with the girls who you have sex with?

Simple: You limit how often you see a girl to a maximum time of only ONCE per week. And… you make sure that every time you guys hang out… sex occurs.

This is how you create and maintain open relationships with the women in your life. You ONLY hang out with a girl if sex is definitely occurring.

You DO NOT hang out with a girl just to party, just to go dining together and eat out, or to go shopping or clubbing.

You only see a girl for ONE reason and purpose only: Sex

What you must avoid doing under ANY circumstance is coming across as a good potential boyfriend or husband candidate. You must avoid coming across as a provider or even a guy with lots of wealth. You must avoid helping her out whether it is financially or for more personal reasons.

You are only good to her for only one thing: Giving her lots of amazing sex and orgasms. Making her scream, making her cum, helping to unleash the inner slut buried inside of her.

See, the problem that most guys run into is that they allow girls to get too attached to them early on in the relationship and on top of that most guys fail to set any boundaries.

Most guys let their relationships with girls unfold naturally without any sort of strategic planning or thinking ahead into the future. Most guys simply choose to just follow and go along with their emotions and “hope” for things to go as they want.

Well… hope is not a strategy. You must set boundaries with the women in your life. You absolutely, undeniably, crucially MUST.

So what are some effective rules and boundaries that you can set that will enable you to smoothly transition to an open relationship with the women in your life?

Limit the amount of times that you see a girl to only ONE (1) time per week.

Never deal with any drama from women who you are dating and sleeping with. (Drama always stays outside your front door of your house and never enters it).

Always be busy. (And as an attractive successful man you really should be busy anyway).

Never focus all of your energy and efforts on only 1 girl. (You should always be sleeping with a minimum of at least 2 girls at any given time.)

But… what if you do find yourself ending up in the same situation that our reader is currently in? What should you do then?

How to Take Any Woman and Create a Long-Lasting Open Relationship With Her.

If you have been successfully having sex with a girl and she immediately demands a relationship from you what exactly should you do then?

Simple. Tell her the truth.

Here is exactly what you should say to her:

“Baby, I understand that you would like to get into a serious relationship but I made a promise to always be very honest and open with the women I see in my life.

And at this time, I am not yet at the point in my life where I am ready to settle down and get seriously involved with a girl just yet. It would not be fair to you if you was devoting 100% of your energy into trying to make a relationship work and I was only investing 50% and could not give you my all.

So at this time I am not yet ready for a serious relationship but… I do enjoy spending time with you, I do enjoy making you smile, I do enjoy giving you pleasure… and I would prefer for you NOT to leave my life.”

When you talk to women in THIS type of honest manner (and it really IS best to simply be honest) they respect you more.

Women will see that you are a man with a backbone. Women will realize that you are a guy who stands up for what he believes in. And they WILL continue to have sex with you because they will be able to understand specifically exactly where you are coming from.

How to Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women

When you approach dating and relationships as a skill… the results you achieve will be remarkable and more importantly repeatable.

When you are able to have sex with a girl and then smoothly transition the relationship to one that is filled with all sorts of fun, excitement, passion, and NO drama… you experience a very remarkable and enviable dating and sex life.

Women WILL respect you MORE because you are honest, you simply say what is on your mind and more importantly, you express how you are feeling.

Girls will be eager to keep on seeing and pleasing you because your sole purpose in their life is to provide them will great passionate, hot steamy, raunchy sex.

YOU experience less stress, less heartache, and yes… less ultimatums.

So the key to having sex with girls while simultaneously avoiding getting sucked into a monogamous relationship with a girl is to approach dating and women with a strategy and more specifically, a game plan in mind.

Limit the amount of times that you see a girl to only ONCE per week.

Do not tolerate and accept any drama from the girls you date and sleep with.

Keep the relationship focused strickly about sex with each other.

And if all else fails and she still gives you the ultimatum… be very honest and watch her respect for you grow even further.

So you are allowed to have female friends but ONLY if there is a very tangible benefit for YOU.

How to Tell If a Girl REALLY Likes You (and Wants to Have Fast Sex)

The biggest sticking point that most newer guys run into when it comes to picking up women and getting sex is being able to tell whether or not a certain girl REALLY likes them.

These men new to dating and pick up are not yet able to recognize how girls show interest to the men that they like, and these men are not yet able to tell whether or not a girl is out looking for a one night stand.

In all honesty, these men don’t yet have a darn clue about what they should be looking for when it comes to them being able to tell if a girl is attracted to them or not.

But what if I told you that there was an extremely easy way for you to tell if a girl REALLY likes you or not?

And what if I ALSO told you that you could find out if a girl likes you SECONDS after first meeting her?

And what if I also told you that using this very method and tactic would let you know for a FACT, that “Yes, this girls really likes me and wants to have fast sex with me?”

Well, in this article I am going to show and reveal to you in plain english exactly how you can tell if a girl REALLY likes you and is open to having fast sex…

How to Tell If a Girl REALLY Likes You: The Secret Sign to Look For

Here is the very easy and simple way for you to tell and find out if a girl REALLY likes you or not: Touch Her

Really, is that it?

That’s it.

A woman that will allow you to touch her upon first meeting her is a girl who likes you and is open to having sex with you relatively quickly.

Want to find out whether or not a girl REALLY likes you and wants to go out with you on a first date? Touch Her

Want to find out if a girl is just being nice and is trying to place you in the friend zone? Touch Her

Want to find out whether or not that girl you met is just being a tease and a flirt and is not really SERIOUS about meeting up with you later tonight? Touch Her

Touch Her, Touch Her, Touch Her… I will repeat these magical words until the day that I die.

A man who doesn’t touch women is a man who doesn’t turn women on. A man who doesn’t touch women is a man who gets viewed by women as just a “nice guy” and is instantly tossed into the friend zone. 

The power of touch is your most POWERFUL tool in your entire seduction arsenal. Show me a man who refuses to touch women and I will show you a man who doesn’t get laid.

Is your goal to get a girlfriend?

To have LOT’S of sex with hot women?

To simply have a one night stand?

To find your dream partner and perfect soulmate?

Then you NEED to be touching women… a LOT… and upon you first meeting them.

Touching women will save you LOADS of time because you won’t waste time talking to women who are not interested in you sexually or romantically.

Touching women will keep you from chasing women because the girls who you approach will instantly know that you are a real man who is looking to get laid and have some fun.

Touching women will communicate to women that you’re a very powerful man, an alpha male, a man who goes after and gets what he wants.

Touching women will get you laid.

Touching women will get you sex.

Touching women will even help you get a threesome (if you so choose).

Start touching women and start turning them on and you will SEE just how powerful this seduction tactic truly is.

You will be able to tell if a girl REALLY likes you or not… and you will know all of this for a FACT.

How to Approach a Girl Successfully Every Time

I am going to reveal a crucial mindset that you MUST possess in order to be successful at approaching girls.

This crucial, extremely important element is what is responsible for allowing some guys to get lucky and have fast sex with girls consistently.

And… you can use this tip as quickly as TONIGHT to bring beautiful, gorgeous women into your life.

In a nutshell, I am going to show you how to approach a girl successfully every time and put the odds of success in YOUR favor.

How to Approach a Girl Successfully: One Tip for Massive Success

Whenever you approach a girl, approach her with THIS underlying mindset:

“I am going to approach this girls and give her the opportunity to experience great sex with a very passionate lover like myself. If she accepts my invitation, then she has an opportunity to experience a very wonderful and sexual experience filled with passion and lot’s pleasure for her. If she declines my invitation, then she loses out on an opportunity to have fun and experience wonderful pleasure and joy.”

THIS is the mindset that you must have and possess whenever you approach a girl and begin talking to her. When you have this mindset fully internalized, women feed off of your positive energy, their attraction for you continues to increase until you and her are both alone and in bed somewhere together.

What makes approaching girls with this underlying mindset SO effective?

Because you are approaching girls not in the mindset of taking but rather of giving. You are approaching girls with the mindset that you want to ADD pleasure to their lives and make them experience their more sensual, naughtier, and dirtier sides.

Women want sex with NO consequences and once you adapt this mindset you will be able to successfully give it to them.

Most men take the opposite approach when they approach a girl who they like. Most men think to themselves as they approach a girl “I hope she likes me, I hope she is not mean or a bitch, I hope this girl gives me sex, I hope, I hope, I hope…”

STOP trying to measure up to the standards of any one particular girl and instead just focus on internalizing this mindset about giving women the opportunity to have amazing wonderful sex with you.

This is how you develop a true abundance mentality instead of one made up of scarcity. You adapt the mindset that women want sex, love sex, need sex, crave sex, and you would like to be the man who gives it to them.

Girls are a dime a dozen, women are replaceable, and if any one particular girl refuses your invitation to have some amazing passionate sex… another girl right down the street is always eagerly waiting.

This is how you make approaching a girl super EASY. You stop placing pressure on yourself for not achieving any one specific result and instead you focus your efforts on finding and identifying the women who are looking to buy what you are selling.

Forget about trying to make girls like you, forget about treating women to a nice dinner, forget about finding the perfect girlfriend, and just focus on finding a girl who is ACTIVELY LOOKING to get seduced by a man like yourself.

How to Approach a Girl Successfully Every Time
Learning how to approach a girl is all about developing rock-solid confidence, displaying traits that all women find attractive, and being authentic and true to yourself.

Having the correct mindset is the KEY to successfully approaching girls and seducing them every time. Focus on giving rather than taking. Focus on HER pleasures instead of your own.

All women biologically NEED sex. If they ain’t getting it from you, they are getting it from someone else. Why not allow that someone else to be YOU?

Learn the traits of what makes a man attractive, develop rock-solid frame control, and focus on adding only value and pleasure to women’s lives.

Why You MUST Be Selfish to Attract Women

The fastest way to improve your success with women, get a girlfriend, and have sex more frequently is learn how to be selfish.

Being a man who is selfish is an absolute MUST if you plan to attract girls into your life.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend and he confessed to me saying “Women are simply too difficult to understand. I don’t know what they want”.

I replied back to him saying “I don’t care what women want. All I care about is what I want”.

I continued by saying “What women want is completely irrelevant to me, all that matters to me is what I want”.

Is that a nice thing to say? Perhaps not

Is that what women (and even other men) like to hear? Probably not

Is that a completely selfish thing to say? Guilty as charged

Let me tell you a little secret: Men who are selfish attract the MOST women by FAR.

Is being sensitive and caring the morally correct thing to do? Absolutely

Is doting on women and helping them out with things the nice way to act? You got me beat there too.

But if you are a man who is hoping to achieve greater success with women…

If you are a man who is hoping to turn more women you meet into more women you sleep with…

If you’re a guy who wants to attract LOT’S of women while STILL being true to yourself…

Then learning how to be selfish is the most important thing that you can do.

Why is Being Selfish Such a GOOD Thing?

Men who are selfish are honest… which makes them GOOD.

The other types of men:

    The men who befriend girls only with the hopes of sleeping with them and getting into their pants
    The men who wine and dine women hoping to somehow get some action at the end
    The men who help women out with the “hopes” of those girls paying them back…

THOSE men are BAD.

And the reason why is because the first group of men: the men who are honest and selfish…

They are being upfront and honest about their intentions. They are being straightforward and refusing to beat around the bush. All of these traits makes them GOOD.

The second group of men really deep down have a hidden agenda: They are trying to get something from women (sex) without being REAL and straightforward about it.

In essence, they are really LYING to women, they are deceiving women.

In truth, they are being very BAD and mean to women.

Selfish men are simply good, real, and honest people who are trying to get what they want out of life while STILL being upfront and honest about it.

Why You NEED to Start Being Selfish With Women

As I said at the beginning of this article… what women want is totally irrelevant to me. All that I actually care about is what I want.

Women want a man who will pay for their dates and buy them expensive gifts and presents.

Women want a nice guy who they can friend zone and make carry their shopping bags.

Women want men to think they are good girls when really they are all sluts with an inner naughty side to them.

Women want a LOT of things and if you give all of these things to them, they will NOT sleep with you or date you.

Me… I don’t buy girls any expensive presents and I certainly never pay for dates.

And I sleep with a LOT more women than the “average guy” does.

In other words, I AM selfish. I don’t give girls what they want, but they give me what I want.

Right now you may be wondering and asking yourself how such a scenario is even possible?

The REAL Reason Why Women Love Men Who Are Selfish

Let me ask you a question: Who do you find more intriguing?

A man who does everything that you ask him to do and is always around to lend you a helping hand?


A man who does whatever he wants, has no boss to answer to, does not deal with any drama from women, and in the end always get what he wants?

The 2nd man for sure and it isn’t even close. Most people would be more interested in learning more things about this fella, to get inside his head, learn some of his tricks and techniques, etc.

Women feel the exact same way. Women don’t want to date a man who is going to be overly nice, agree with everything that they say, and always be available to help out.

Women want to date and have sex with a man who is scarce, who has an abundance mentality and lot’s of choice, a man who is selfish and does whatever he wants.

And that’s the REAL reason why all women lust after men who are selfish.

It isn’t because these men are mean and uncaring…

It’s because the men who are selfish refuse to put women on a pedestal, they refuse to chase women, and they do whatever is necessary to get what they want instead of what she wants

How to Attract Women Fast and Easily

Okay guy's you may not have the big muscles, the car, the clothes and, you're worried women won't find you attractive.

You get approach anxiety and wouldn't dare try to start a conversation with that attractive woman at the bookstore.

Some days you don't even want to leave the house because you think approaching women is stupid and pointless. 

You've received some bad advice such as "Just be yourself" or "Just be friends with women".

You've tried changing your style multiple times and STILL haven't gotten results.

Let's review what women find most attractive in men and how to attract women step by step.

How to Attract Women Fast and Easily: Step-By-Step

1.  The most important thing when it comes to bringing beautiful women into your life is having your own life.

Women hate it when they first meet a man and he tells her he's looking for someone to complete his life. He comes off as a guy who doesn't know what he wants out of life. 

Women like when a man have something else going on in his life. Yes, women like being the center of attention at times, but they don't want to the center of attention at ALL times.

2.  Be warm, you may have had a terrible day at work, but if you're able to smile about your life then women will find that attractive.

Women like men who know how to laugh and smile, I'm not saying be a goofball like Jim Carrey, be more like Robert Downey Jr. 

Women like a man who can give them a sexy smile and be charming. They love it when a man can pull them in and make them feel special.

This means that your opener must be unique and make the woman feel special. Along with this remember to be fun and playful. You don't have to or want to come off as a goofball. Too much fun with land you in the friend zone. 

However make eye contact and give sexy and flirty smiles over her way. Remember to be to receptive to what the woman is actually saying during the conversation.

3. Listening plays a huge part during conversation because otherwise how would you know how to respond to her. Women complain constantly that men just don't how to listen. This why women find listening so attractive because it's so rare to find a man who actually knows how to listen properly. 

Now listening isn't just nodding your head and saying "Yes dear, sounds good, cool" you'll come off as robotic. That's when women will give men a test and say "Well, what did I just say?" Then you'll look stupid because you weren't actually listening to them. 

Now  let me help you guys out here, just repeat back some bits of what the women says back to her. 

Example:  Repeat

Girl:  And that's why I'm here in Houston?

Dave: So basically you ended up in Houston to get away from your friends and family to get a new start, and find your own place in life.

Girl: Yes, that's pretty much it.

Dave: You know what?

Girl: What?

Dave: I really admire how bold you are to want to seek your own life and live for yourself rather than other people.

Girl: Wow! Thanks!

Notice in my example, I repeated KEY points of her story back to her to make that sure she understood that I got the message. Next instead of just saying "Cool" and letting the conversation fade off, I gave her a genuine conversation about how I felt about her.

Women already know men want to sleep with them, but they want to feel like a person rather than a piece of meat. Women want to feel like you understand them and have a genuine interest in getting to know them.  Women want feedback from you during a conversation.

This means asking them questions and making comments. Women aren't looking for a man to solve their problems when they talk to you. They want to vent and be heard.

Don't over compliment! Women already have orbiters and guy friends who tell them how wonderful and pretty they look in their regular day to day life. She's not going to be impressed if you say it because she's heard it all before. They also have sleazy guys who come up to them and tell them how nice her ass is or how big her breasts are. Women hate this even more because they want a guy who wants them for more than just their bodies.

Now what you could do is give a genuine compliment like I did in the example above. Now what you have to remember is to give women compliments when they're deserved. You don't want to give a woman a compliment if she's not being receptive to you.

Think about it simlar to you having a puppy. You're not going to give a puppy a treat for peeing on your floor. Therefore don't give a woman a compliment if she's busting your balls and being difficult. Otherwise you just look weak and come off as a chump.

Now during conversation with women you SHOULD be a challenge to women and not talk too much. You want to keep the conversation on her and lead the conversation. Make it interesting for her, ask her about her childhood and find out what she cares about. You want to get her telling you all about her, and get her heavily invested in you.

You need to ask her questions to build an emotional connection to set you apart from the other guys. Women will let you get in their pants if they feel like you understand them. They also enjoy it when you're honest about your intentions. Women hate when men are insecure.

4.  Be bold and touch her, it's extremely weird when two people find each other attractive and don't touch each other. It fills the atmosphere with awkwardness so you must break that barrier.

Sit close to her, stand next to her, and fill the void between you. When you are close to her, tell her how her perfume smells.  You need to touch her in a way that's sexually exciting and liberating to her.

Like I discussed in my article “How to Touch Women (and Make Them Horny)”, touch her during the high points of conversation. Don't touch her in a creepy way, make the touch appear natural. Keep the touch fun and light, women are sensitive to touch so you don't have to forcefully touch them.   

When you get her alone with you romantically touch her. Now women love to be touched, and they are more sensitive to touch than men are. Women will find you much more attractive if you touch them.

Along with this you must also make your attraction known. Not only through your words but also your actions. Women love when a man is confident in himself and admits to liking a woman.

The context of confidence when it comes to dating centers around knowing you have the ability to make girls (and people in general) like you. When women and men say “Be Confident” they want a man to be sure of himself. This relates back to a man being a leader and being strong. They want a man who's not afraid to find out information and doesn't wait around for it to simply fall into his lap. They don't want a man who speaks softly and hesitates to make a move on them. They want a man who goes after whatever it is he wants.

5. Leading and Sexy Body Language: Women love when men show confidence in their body language, by not slouching or fidgeting. You should be standing straight up with your neck parallel to the ground. You also don't want to walk stiff or robotic, let your arms sway slightly as you walk. You'll come off as more relaxed and confident. Look at old John Wayne movies or male runway models for examples of a manly walk. You need to be able to have a sexy smile, walk, and posture. 

Now you must be able to lead and direct women because they are constantly looking to you for guidance. This is why they ask you "Where are we going, What do you want to do, etc . . .", women hate the leading role. It's not their natural role, and they hate being forced to lead men. They like it when men have direction and know what he's doing. This comes down to making a move and making things happen.

Yes, women will test you because they want to make sure you're a strong man with direction. Otherwise a woman won't want to be bothered with you in a romantic sense. They need a man who they feel can protect them. Real men don't wait for things to happen, they make things happen. They're not afraid of rejection and approaching a woman.

How to Attract Women Fast and Easily

There are many different qualities that women find attractive, you have to blend yourself into a sexy man day by day.

You have to learn to listen better, touch women in exciting ways, and lead the interaction.

Women love when a man can sweep them off their feet. A sexy man with a great smile can accomplish this by being warm and receptive to women.

Begin really taking the time to understand women and learn about how unique and special that they are and YOU will also be able to attract women fast and easily and without really even trying at all.

How to Be a Great Man: 5 Essential Traits to Becoming More Successful

In today’s society, learning how to be a great man is not very easy.

With the media every day giving men false information and feminists trying to teach men how to be real men, it can be very difficult and frustrating sifting through all of the bullshit.

With more and more men struggling to make money and pay their bills…

With more and more men unable to attract the kind of women that they truly want…

With more and more men becoming obese and physically unhealthy…

It is becoming more and more clear that most men don’t have a darn clue about what it takes to achieve success and truly become successful.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself:

Why is it that some men make a LOT of money, date and sleep with the most HOTTEST women, and always succeed at accomplishing their goals?

And by the same token…

Why is that some men eternally struggle to make a living, can’t get laid to save their lives, and never find any true success?

Well… the men who manage to succeed at doing all of these things are all great men. And if you want to start getting the kind of success that great men get, there are some very important and essential traits that you simply MUST live by.

Adhering to these 5 simple traits is the absolute KEY to unlocking all your true potential in life, getting ahead in life, and living a much more satisfying life.

How to Be a Great Man: You Must Be Self-Disciplined

Self-discipline is what makes a man great. Self-discipline is how you achieve great things and achieve true success. Self-discipline is the defining trait of a man.

Developing and maintaining self-discipline is what will keep you grounded, it is what will keep you motivated, it is what will keep you taking action in those times of laziness.

If there is one thing that ALL successful people have in common, it is that successful people are all self-disciplined and self starters. They don’t need anyone to babysit them and hold their hands. They don’t need anyone to encourage them and keep them focused.

How does this relate to picking up women and making money?

If you want to become successful with women, then you have to learn how to become self-disciplined.

Approaching a girl only ONCE every 2 days is not going to make you improve as fast as you possibly could. Getting rejected by a girl and then giving up and going home to play video games is ALSO not going to help you improve with women.

So how does a man who is self-disciplined approach the art of picking up women?

He gives himself a goal of approaching at least 10 girls PER DAY and he STICKS WITH IT for as long as it takes him to begin seeing some results. He vows to himself that no matter what, he WILL approach and talk to at least 10 different girls every single day.

It doesn’t matter if he approaches girls and they make fun of him, it doesn’t matter if he tries to say “Hi” to a girl and she immediately rejects him. NONE of this matters to him. All that matters to a man who is self-disciplined is accomplishing his goal which is to approach and talk to at least 10 different women every single day.

This is how you get better and improve your skills with women at a remarkable speed. You stop making excuses, you quit feeling sorry for yourself, and you just take action. In other words, you shoot first and you ask questions later.

When it comes to making money, a man who is self-disciplined will work on his business from sun down until sun up. He WILL sacrifice some hours of sleep. He WILL say “NO” to people that only want to hang out, party, and waste his time. He will invest in knowledge and in himself in order to ensure that he has a much better and brighter future.

He will do all of these things because he is a great man and he is self-disciplined. When you are a man who is disciplined, all of your excuses go out the window. When you are a man who is disciplined, feeling sorry for yourself and crying everyday takes a back seat. A man who is self-disciplined only has one goal every day and that is to kick some ass.

If you want to be a great man then learn how to develop better self-discipline and you will achieve more success in your future.

How to Be a Great Man: You Must Be Self-Reliant

Depending on other people to improve your life is for weaklings and cowards.

It is for cowards who are too afraid to push themselves and take action on their own.

It is for weaklings who are too scared to leave their comfort zones and push themselves to their limits.

I will say it again: Men who depend on other people in order to get what they want in life are weak and cowards.

A real man doesn’t complain about his problems. he only focuses on fixing them.

A real man doesn’t procrastinate on doing the things that need to get done, he takes action and he simply does them.

A real man doesn’t depend on other people, he depends on only himself and he only needs himself to accomplish his mission in life.

If you want success, REAL success, you have to make your own way. No two ways about it.

Remember these words: self-discipline, self-confidence, self-reliance, initiative, self-sufficiency.

These powerful words are responsible for making a man great and accomplishing great things.

Men who are self-reliant are men who are winners. They refuse to settle for mediocrity, only success.

Learn how to become more self-reliant and you can also become a great man.

How to Be a Great Man: Dress For Success

How you look affects how you feel. This is a simple fact of life.

A man who dresses sloppily like a bum will be treated as such by other people. A man who dresses like a million bucks feels that way, displays confidence which matches how he feels, and is treated with great respect.

How you look affects how people perceive you. I can’t stress this enough. If you want girls to be more attracted to you on the spot instantly, start dressing the same way that an attractive man would dress.

Wear clean clothes, never wear wrinkled shirts or pants, pay close attention to the shoes that you are wearing, etc. (Note: The first thing that a girl usually notices about a man are the shoes that he is wearing, so do not wear any dirty looking shoes because if you do then women WILL reject you instantly on the spot).

Always dress for success. Everyday dress like you are going to a highly important business meeting with high stakes. Dress to impress.

You can tell everything about a person by the way they dress. Successful people care about their image. Unsuccessful people don’t. It is as simple as that. Always dress for success.

How to Be a Great Man: Build a Business

Building a business will teach you more about life than all your schooling and work experience combined.

You will learn how people operate and how they think. You will learn how to push people’s buttons to make them do what you want. You will learn about sacrifice, long-term thinking, and strategic planning.

Not to mention that building a business will also help you build a better financial future for yourself. Eventually you will be able to quit your job and work on your business full-time doing something that you love every day instead of something that you hate.

Not only that, Building your own business will help you develop unwavering confidence in your own abilities. Your confidence level will skyrocket because you have managed to do the ONE thing that most men are unable to do: Work for himself and be his own boss.

Begin making strategic plans to start your own business and then take MASSIVE ACTION and get to work. Because that’s what a great man would do.

How to Be a Great Man: You Must Never Give Up

I saved this one for last because it is the most important. Finding the motivation to succeed and never giving up is what will make or break you in your quest to become a great man and accomplish great things.

“Giving Up” is the reason why so many people fail in life. They try something for a couple of days or maybe even a couple of weeks, and then as soon as things don’t go as they had planned or “hoped”, they immediately quit, throw in the towel, and move on to the next shiny thing that captures their attention.

Having the will power to never give up is the most important thing for becoming successful with women, making more money, and improving yourself for the long term.

If somebody was to ever ask me what is the most important ingredient for becoming successful, I would say 3 magic words to them: Never Give Up.

As a matter of fact, that is the exact advice that Winston Churchill gave to a group of entrepreneurs about a topic dealing with success. He was suppose to give a speech to men and women who traveled miles just to hear him talk. They stood in line, waited hours, and finally they was going to hear Winston deliver a powerful speech about success. And in that speech, he only told them 4 words: Never Give Up. Ever.

Yes, that was the speech and Never Giving Up is what Winston (a man who was successful not only in business but in every facet of life) attributed ALL of his success to: Never Giving Up.

Never give up on your dreams and your goals and you can do anything that you want to do. Yes, you are bound to experience some times of struggle. Yes, you will sometimes want to quit and throw in the towel. But never ever ever give up. That is how you become successful and accomplish great things.

How to Be a Great Man

Notice a common trend about all of the traits of a great man listed above?

They all have to do with improving yourself. That’s because becoming a great man has NOTHING to do with other people. Becoming a great man has EVERYTHING to do with working on yourself.

This means working on yourself and improving yourself daily. This means taking action every day to better your life. This means that you should always be constantly reading and learning new information. This also means that you must put all of the knowledge that you acquire into action.

Becoming a great man is NOT about thinking…. It is about DOING.

So as soon as you are done reading this post, ask yourself:

What can I do today to better my life?

What action can I take today to further me closer to my goals?

Ask yourself these questions, and then TAKE ACTION because that is the only way that you will ever get ahead in life and become a great man.

Success With Women is Counterintuitive

One thing that you will come to realize during your journey of improving your skills with women is that success with women is counterintuitive.

In order to succeed with women, you must do the exact opposite of what women and the mainstream media tells you to do.

If you listen to women and mainstream media you will hear advice such as:

    You should be REALLY nice to women
    You should pay for dates and be a gentleman
    You should move slow and try to kiss a girl only after the 3rd date
    You should wait 3 days before calling or texting a girl
    You should try to make girls laugh, be funny, and entertain them
    Women don’t like to have sex with men who they just met

The mainstream media and women will spout off all of this non-sense as fact and most men will buy into these very destructive lies.

Which is why most men FAIL miserably with women.

You see, success with women is very counterintuitive. What you expect to work and what actually DOES work are often 2 entirely different things.

Allow me to explain in more detail with getting success with women is most of the time counterintuitive.

How to Get Success With Women: Do NOT Listen to People Who Talk Theory

The biggest reason why most men turn off a lot of women when they approach and talk to them is because these men listen to advice that is based on theory and NOT real world experience.

Until something is tested vigorously, it is only theory and NOT fact.

So what ends up happening is most men will end up getting dating advice from women akin to “You should always pay for a first date with a girl” and then when they do, the girls attraction level for the guy vanishes and he ends up going home with blue balls, watching internet porn, and masturbating.

Or… a guy will meet a girl and he will begin teasing her and making jokes but … he will fail to build an emotional connection with her and she will not return his phone calls or text him back.

Always be extremely suspicious about who you take advice from… no matter if its about women and dating, business and making money, or dieting and lifting weights. You should ONLY take advice from people who are ALREADY successful in the area that you are seeking success in.

How to Get Success With Women: Pay Attention to Womens Actions and NOT their Words

What women say they are attracted to and what they actually are attracted to is often 2 entirely different things. This is why it is so important to pay not any attention to what women say, but what women do.

Women may say that they want a man who can treat them nice, pay for their dates, and compliment them endlessly.

Women may say that they hate jerks, bad boys, and men who are players and sleep around.

But simply ask yourself this question: Which group of men are they actually dating and sleeping with?

I can tell you for a fact that they aren’t jumping into bed and sleeping with the nice guy pushovers, they aren’t chasing after the nerd who is complimenting them all day long, they aren’t having fast sex with the men who are wining and dining them.

Women are dating and sleeping with the bad boys, the players, the jerks, the men who want fast sex and go after it.

    The men who don’t pay for first dates
    The men who DO date and sleep with multiple different women
    The men who do NOT compliment them or do nice things for them.

So why do women choose to sleep with the men who are bad boys, jerks, and players?

Because these men are a challenge for women. In other words, not every woman could have particular men which makes them a very valuable sexual commodity.

These men do not have any female friends who they hang out with, these men are not providers or need any money to get girls, these men DO cheat whenever they feel that it is necessary.

In other words, these particular men are attainable yet they are also at the same time unattainable. Girls want them, but they cannot change them, tame them, or turn them into a nice guy.

Never pay attention or listen to what women say, pay attention and listen to what women actually do.

How to Get Success With Women: Be Different and Unique

One reason why some guys eternally struggle with women while other guys succeed with women all the time is the way these 2 groups of men think.

The guys who fail with women try to get girls to like them and make girls laugh. The guys who succeed with women doesn’t try to get girls to like them. The guys who succeed with women don’t try to attempt to make girls laugh and become best pals with them.

Here is the reason why some guys succeed with women: They state their intentions early and they come across as unique and most importantly different.

The guys who succeed with women don’t try to match up to a girls expectations of what a relationship and a man should be like, they try to match a woman up to THEIR expectations about how women should act, about how all women love sex, about how all women are sluts and have an inner naughty side to them.

These guys don’t try to impress women, they go and find out if there is any woman out there who can impress THEM.

The nice guy takes the exact opposite approach towards women and dating. He tries to match up to a girls perfect man. He tries to wine and dine her and buy her expensive gifts and jewelry.

Heres the reason why the nice guy fails with women: He tries TOO HARD to be nice to girls and buy them things so much so that he ends up not coming across as sincere. In fact the nice guy ends up coming across as a phony, someone who has an interior motive and is trying to manipulate the other party.

This is one of the biggest reasons why a man should NEVER pay for a date. To a woman, it appears that you are trying too hard and attempting to pay your way into her pants. In other words, when you pay for a date you tell women that you aren’t worthy of their time UNLESS you spend money on them.

This is the wrong way to approach women and dating and this is ALSO why so many men fail with women and never really succeed and find true success. They do all of the WRONG things.

How come?

Because the media tells them to do it. Their friends tell them to do it. Women tell them that it ought to work.

Success With Women Will Always Be Counterintuitive

One thing about getting success with women as well as getting success in life: In order to succeed in all areas of your life you have to be different.

You really, truly have got to set yourself apart.

Stop paying attention to what women say and start paying very close attention to what women actually do.

Stop listening to and taking advice from your friends and family when it comes to women.

Stop following the crowd and doing things just because that’s the norm and it ought to work.

Stop paying for dates and being overly nice to women. Stop doing things for women and overextending your hand.

Stop taking dating advice from guys who don’t get laid.

When you stop doing ALL of these things, getting success with women will become downright easy.

In fact, once you stop doing all of these things it will end up becoming hard to NOT get laid fast and easily.

You will begin to intrigue more girls than you ever have before, you will become more of a challenge to the girls you meet and talk to,  and you will begin to get laid with much more regularity.

Success With Women is counterintuitive and it ALWAYS will be.

Become The Most Authentic and True Version Of Yourself

Let me ask you something…

Do you worry about what others think of you?

Does your mind race and ruminate about something you said or did recently that made you feel really embarrassed, stupid, or ashamed?

I’m sure you’re saying “No way, I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I am who I am.” right?

Deep down we don’t want to admit our social insecurity, nobody does. Maybe some examples will help jog your reality:

    Yesterday afternoon you mustered up every ounce of courage just to say “Hi!” to a cute girl in the frozen food aisle and the result? She didn’t even hear you, acknowledge you, or maybe she just gave you an awkward look. “Ouch, my pride!”
    You ask a store clerk, cashier, or assistant where a particular food section or clothing item is…and it was right in front of you all along. “Duh! I feel so dumb right now!”
    Today is a great day! You’re feeling pumped; a day full of taking action and nothing can stop you or shake you! So you decide to walk up to that cute receptionist where you work and actually talk to her for once. “Today is the day!” you tell yourself. “She’s going to be so excited when I walk up to talk to her, she’ll be begging for me to take her right then and there!”.Then you see her…and you hesitate. You tell yourself she would never go for a guy like you, she probably has a boyfriend, and all that great confidence you just had has shot straight out your ass.The result?

    You just walk away without ever saying anything to her and maybe you pull out the tried and true excuse of “Eh, there will be other days. I’ll definitely do it tomorrow for sure!”…and you put it off, and put it off, and you never take a chance. Then you tell yourself “Gosh I feel so stupid for not even trying…”
    There’s a restaurant that you like to frequent because of the cuisine and more specifically because of that one waitress that is absolutely intoxicating to be around. She is so warm, charming, and especially flirty with you. You want to tell her how adorable you think she is and you want to try and connect with her and see what she is like outside of work. Then she comes over to you and instead of putting yourself out there, you stumble and retreat. “Check please!”

What if I were to tell you that I’ve been there and it happens all the time to everyone? What if I were to tell you that even Malcolm Thomas has been there and still experiences awkward and embarrassing moments? Moments where we feel so silly, exposed, and under the spotlight that we would do anything to take it back – the “I shouldn’t have said that”, the “I shouldn’t have done that”, or maybe the “Why did I say that, that was so stupid!”.

We have all been here my friend! And by all, I mean BOTH MEN AND WOMEN! Every single day we swallow ourselves in our own perceived embarrassment and shame. We inflict such pain and damage to our self-esteem and sense of self-worth for no reason!

You already know this in your heart but think about this fact: Absolutely no one is even close to being perfect.

Yet one of the most toxic mindsets that creeps into our lives is that we try way too hard to be way too perfect; taking ourselves SO damn seriously and beating ourselves up for hours over the littlest things in life. Hey, I’m certainly guilty of it but we all need to let it go and to let ourselves be free.

We humans are very social creatures, and dammit if we make a tiny mistake, we feel like we’ve lost so much social value in the eyes of our friends, peers, work colleagues, our boss, or even that really sexy cashier at the book store when you accidentally dropped your book over the counter practically throwing it at her. We feel like we’re judged so harshly, teased, gossiped about, or shunned to the point that we literally say to ourselves “Wow, I can never go back to that place again!”. We tell ourselves as soon as we leave, that girl is going to go off and tell her friends how stupid I was, how embarrassed she was for me, how I am such a loser!

Maybe you might not say this out loud, but at times you certainly know what it feels like and it is a truly dark and painful path to let your mind go down.

Now can you believe the stuff we tell ourselves? What we put ourselves through? Why do we feel we have to punish ourselves for everything? Why do we all hold ourselves to such extreme expectations that no one can ever possibly meet, yet most of the time we barely hold any expectations whatsoever over someone else and how they should treat you?

This type of thinking is such bullshit and has got to stop, so today we are going to kick this damaging mindset straight in the jewels and free ourselves to live the life we want!

A very popular article came out in 2012 called “The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying”. I found this article to be particularly moving and invaluable so I’d like to share it with you in hopes that it provides you the same value.

The top five regrets of the dying:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

“This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it.”

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

“This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret, but as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.”

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

“Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result.”

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

“Often they would not truly realize the full benefits of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying.”

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

“This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realize until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they were content, when deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again.”

Very powerful right?

For the purpose of this article, our focus is going to be on:

1. Having the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expected of you
2. Learning to express your true feelings and
3. Letting yourselves be happy

Live True To Yourself, Express Your True Feelings, Let Yourself Be Happy = Becoming Authentic

Let’s say you are at a shoe store and you see some shoes that you really like! They are a name brand, really trendy, and they speak to your style. You pick them up and are amazed by how they feel, so you check the price tag and suddenly your jaw drops straight to the floor at the sight of that big, fat price tag. While you were looking the shoes over, a sweet and cute little female associate saw you and decides to come over and ask “Are you doing okay over here?”

And now we go into autopilot. Damn autopilot. When we hear these typical lines from store associates, our natural response is something like “Yep I’m fine, just looking around, thanks though”. So she smiles to you politely then walks away, back to her boring, burdensome work. You return to ogling over these shoes and that unbelievable price tag! “How can anyone afford these, this is so ridiculous!” you tell yourself. Afterwards, you walk out of the store not purchasing anything and feeling annoyed that a store like that would charge so much for just a pair of shoes!

Does this sound familiar? Such a negative situation right, even though it is something so small and minuscule.

Now let’s shake things up a bit, shall we?

No matter how grand, extravagant, bland, or simple the events are that occur throughout your day, they all become great opportunities to let our authentic selves come out and turn routine, boring, or negative situations into positive ones.

So how do we do this?

Well it all starts with the simple act of opening your mouth! Think about it, this would be a great chance to joke or even connect with that cute associate girl, even if it is for just a few seconds, but instead you saw her as just another employee, the face of this tyrant, price-gouging shoe store, without considering the thought that just maybe her day has been terrible, that working for this place sucks and she only has this job to help make ends meet, when she really wishes she could be out having fun with a sexy guy like you!

Now let’s flip this example, and become AUTHENTIC!

Here we are now and we’re checking out these awesome shoes, we see that price tag and again you think “What the hell! These shoes are crazy expensive! What are they made of, bald eagle feathers jeesh?!”. Then that cute, tan, brunette associate comes over and asks “How are you doing over here?”. Now instead of “Just fine, thank you”, you decide to speak what is on your mind! Make a joke out of it and smile! So you respond with something like “I’m doing awesome, but these shoes are expensive as fuck! Can you believe that?! Do they give super powers or something to whoever buys them?”.

Sounds silly? Sounds lame? Well guess what, congratulate yourself because you were just authentic – and being authentic can manifest itself in any type of emotion – be it angry, frustrated, sad, happy, excited, whatever. You said what was on your mind, every single word of it which has caused her to come out of autopilot. The boring routine has been shaken up and something memorable has happened for the both of you all because you said what you were thinking, what you were feeling, without being filtered.

Let’s continue the example:

Girl: (laughing) “I know right? I can’t even afford them and I work here!”
You: (smiling) “Really? Well that isn’t right! How about we combine our finances and buy a pair just for us to share together? What size are you?” asking in a playful manner.

Such a boring, routine experience has become silly and fun for the both of you! And it turns out that neither of you can afford some name brand pair of shoes, but at the same time, both of you are letting your imperfections shine without any worry! You both have accepted the fact that you can’t afford these shoes, that money and work is ridiculous, and you are playfully talking about sharing a pair of shoes with a cute girl you’ve never met. The flood gates of conversation are now open my friend.

Everywhere you go, if something strikes your mind – it could be silly, funny, interesting, naughty, sexual, flirty, etc. – then say it! Share it with a complete stranger. They will probably laugh, or smile, or even agree with you. If it is a girl, she’ll pick up on your flirty invitation and play along with you by returning some dirty remarks!

Again, all of this by simply having the courage to open your mouth and speak from your authentic self!

Forget Outcomes

Outcomes and expectations are what kills you from the inside out. They get you so stressed and worked up in your mind, that your mind actually prevents your body from taking any sort of action. Forget the outcome. Let your true thoughts and words come out. Let your true colors and feelings flow from the inside out!

Why do we feel like we have to filter or limit what we say, especially around unfamiliar people?

In reality, everyone says dirty/funny/outrageous things, but they are too scared to do it in a public setting with total strangers because they want to avoid “looking stupid” (save face), so they keep it to themselves or in their small group of trusted friends only. Hey, everyone even thinks dirty/funny/outrageous thoughts too…but they dare not share them, and this is especially true for women.

And yes everyone even says the “F” word, but we are all so self-conscious about how we will be perceived by saying it in the presence of others that we’ll just opt to stay quiet altogether.

We fear so much of being judged, being “devalued”, feeling dumb, or even making a mistake in front of others, but guess what?

It is the people who let their imperfect and authentic selves come through who are the most fun, most interesting, most relatable, and most awesome people to be around because they are so down to Earth, full of vitality, and don’t care about what others think!

They are boat rockers and they encourage you to be one with them. They show us that it is okay to be who we are and it is okay to be goofy, awkward, to fail, and most importantly, to be REAL.

Yet as much as we love being around these people and feeling the way we do around them, we often find that we are too afraid to become that type of person ourselves, we are too afraid to absorb some of those outrageous qualities that we value so much in others because of how we believe other people will perceive us with our new mentalities. .

But one of the key parts about becoming authentic is such common sense that we often overlook it. And that common sense is called accepting yourself, accepting who you are, and owning your uniqueness 100%.

Own Everything About Yourself And Stop Worrying

Stop putting a governor on your life. Let your true self come through and own every silly comment, flirtatious wink, every embarrassing mistake, every single thing that “you ought to be ashamed of”. Own it 100 percent and everyone will love how comfortable and AUTHENTIC you are with yourself and how AUTHENTIC you are with the people around you. You know you make mistakes and you know everyone else does too. You know you are not perfect and you know that nobody else is either.

If you make a mild sexual joke to a couple of women in a department store, smile and own it. Who cares if they think it is inappropriate or rude, you just filtered them out of your life because they have no sense of humor and are way too up tight for your liking. You don’t want lame people like that draining your positive and playful energy. According to them and only them, you said something inappropriate and “you should be ashamed”. I’m sure you have heard of the process of filtering people out; it is called *screening*! You can do it with anyone, not just potential lovers.

Now I know you might be saying “So you’re telling me I should say and do whatever I want anywhere and any time?”

Well not exactly. We’re not here to purposely belittle, threaten, painfully tease, disrespect, or step on anyone’s feelings because you claim you are being authentic. We’re not here to take from people or make anyone’s life harder or worse for having you in it. That’s not what a real man does or how he acts. That is weak, low value, second class behavior and no one will want to be around you if you demonstrate this.

Being authentic involves adding value to your life and to everyone else’s life around you. The result is that both you and someone else are extremely grateful for having the chance to know each other.

It means expressing your ideas, your thoughts, and yourself all the way through without self-doubt, without self-limitation, and without a self-filter. It is making real, powerful, deep connections with people instead of going through life dallying in small talk or jabbering about things no one cares about, like the weather.

Sure there might be times when a comment or action comes off as offensive to someone, or maybe a conversation becomes awkward or stale and doesn’t go anywhere. These things happen. The same goes with women; not every single woman will be interested in you as a lover but that doesn’t stop you from approaching countless others.

When it comes to relationships, seduction, and general social ability, there are NO absolutes or be-all-end-all’s. Every experience is so unique from one another that there is no way to tell what any outcome will be.

And if you think what I’m saying is ridiculous and you are worried about offending someone or tarnishing your reputation, then think about the reverse. You go through each day doing and saying the same boring things because you are too afraid to shake life up or too afraid that the receiver of your comment, compliment, question, or action will be inconvenienced or annoyed by you.

You are worried about the outcome!

You don’t allow your true self to show which actually is a means of punishing yourself or subconsciously telling yourself that something is wrong with you or that you are not good enough. Therefore you have more respect for some random person and their so-called “convenience” than you do your own self.

So you just decide to limit your own thoughts, limit your own words, limit your own actions, and sacrifice who you are because you think it is the “acceptable and polite thing to do” or because “it would be inappropriate and you might offend that person and make yourself look like a creep” or “it would be embarrassing and you would inconvenience her by asking her out“.

Gentlemen, this type of thinking is so unbelievably limiting and destructive to your lives. You are holding yourselves back from revealing your most powerful, authentic selves and allowing the world the opportunity to experience it! You are letting your worries, fears, and expectations control who you are and limit your the endless possibilities in your lives.

Not to mention, people love people who are real and authentic.

Real people accept themselves for who they are and don’t apologize for themselves unless they actually did something that they recognize was truly their fault. They have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing about who they are to be sorry for. Life has brought them here, on their own unique path just like it has with you and me.

And what’s really cool is that when you are around authentic, down to Earth people, any typical bland conversation, even the smallest, most mundane things, can become “REAL TALK” and become super connection-building. All it takes is a little empathy and understanding, becoming non-judgemental, not taking yourself or life so seriously, and really accepting yours and everyone else’s unique imperfections, ideas, opinions, and takes on life.

Things To Take Away

So guys remember…

1. Live how you want to, and not how everyone expects. Accept who you are and express your true feelings. And most importantly, live your life and let yourself be happy.

2. Let your expectations and focus on outcomes go. When it comes to interactions, be it approaching women or making conversation with a stranger, each interaction is SO different that there is ABSOLUTELY no way to tell how it is going to go – and when you become so authentic and REAL that you let yourself just talk to anyone about all of the things that are on each of your minds, all of those outcomes and expectations in your head will disappear without you even knowing it and you will make amazing connections with really cool people.

3. Seriously….stop trying so hard to be perfect. I’ll say it again. Stop trying so hard to be perfect! Stop trying to make every single interaction with anyone perfect…life is always going to be awkward and goofy, so screw it…have fun, be silly, be playful and just go with it.

Don’t take yourself so seriously by trying to get everything right and perfect all of the time. This will make your life so unforgiving and full of disappointment, trust me. Besides, NO ONE LIKES PERFECTION because NO ONE CAN RELATE TO IT.

If something doesn’t go quite well, like approaching that cute girl in the frozen food aisle, then just laugh it off. If you “make a fool” out of yourself at work by having an ink pen leak ink into your pocket, remember life is always going to be awkward and ridiculous. Just laugh it off and don’t take yourself so seriously. Yeah, things like that suck and can be frustrating when it happens to you. But let it go, forget about it, move past it, because it happened and there’s nothing you can do to take it back. There’s no use in complaining or stressing over it. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep pushing forward.

Besides, no one will remember your failures or embarrassments or all of those failed approaches. The people in your life will only remember the awesome and inspiring life that you lived and they will be truly grateful for having the privilege of being a part of it.

4. People may not consciously realize this, so I’ll make sure you know right now! You have permission to fail. It is absolutely OKAY to fail. Don’t ever be sorry about a failure.


Because life is always going to be awkward, ridiculous, and full of failures and failures are how you SUCCEED. There are things that YOU have succeeded at that I have failed at, just as there are things that I have succeeded at that you may have failed at.

You cannot succeed without failing at least at some point. Every success in life is based off of some single failure or perhaps MANY failures. Again, that is how you succeed! It is called learning my friend and it is how you grow as a man. Malcolm wrote some great articles about failure, especially “The Unspoken Truth About Failure and Success”.

5. Forget feeling judgement, forget feeling dumb, forget feeling embarrassed or ashamed about yourself – forget all of that; throw it out because those feelings limit your lives in so many ways. They fill your head with such negativity that leaves no room for anything positive.

Do you want to think negative things?

Do you want to feel worse about yourself?

Wouldn’t you much rather reflect on how great your life is?

Or how about replaying that awesome, steamy romp in the bedroom last weekend with that gorgeous blonde temptress?

Forcing yourself to shut negativity off when it creeps in your mind, and drowning it out with positive thoughts will make you feel so much better and more optimistic about life and about yourself.

There’s actually science behind this, it is called the 3:1 Positivity Ratio (use your favorite search engine). Now if you find that you feel those destructive thoughts creeping in, it should trigger red flags in your brain telling you that right now you care more about fitting in, more about what others think, and more about wanting social acceptance from others and not accepting your true self and all of your imperfections. So when those sirens go off, it is time to kill those thoughts and counter them with floods of positivity.

Also, just remember that everyone else wishes they could put themselves out there like you and become half the authentic and real man you are. And we have all encountered those people who constantly complain, criticize, who are resentful, and full of jealousy.

They’re haters. They’re life suckers. These people will always have their little remarks (because everyone’s clever right?) to purposely inflict pain on others, when deep down that very resentment they feel is because they see the success in your life that they don’t have. They see you and your life in all its authenticity and they know your awesome life is beyond what they could ever possibly achieve and they are completely jealous of you for living the way you do.

6. Last but not least…relax. Enjoy who you are, where you’re at and where you’ve come from. Life is not about putting yourself down every time you make a small mistake. Life is not about beating yourself up and always thinking you are not good enough. Accept yourself and your imperfections because every single person has them.

Now will you fail? Sure! Will life get awkward and ridiculous? Oh yeah.

But embrace it because that’s how life gets it’s flavor! It is only whether you choose to pick yourself up and grow each time that matters. Totally accept failure into your life. It is going to happen whether you want it to or not, which is a GOOD thing because without failure there is no success, and we all strive for success!

And finally, life is not supposed to be so stressful and painful. Life isn’t supposed to be such a struggle. Become authentic and your life will improve so much…it will become more silly, awkward, and most importantly, life will become much more sexy!

Now get out there and supercharge your life by unleashing the most powerful, authentic, and true version of yourself the world has ever seen!

How to Be a Man Who is Fearless and Takes Risks

Most people live very typical ordinary lives.

Most people are afraid to rock the boat, be different, and follow their own path.

In one sentence: Most people live their lives in fear and are dreadfully afraid of taking any risks.

Most people are afraid of failing, most people run from their problems or they spend all of their time complaining about their problems.

I am different. I am not anything like most people. I refuse to live my life like the “average man” who is afraid of offending other people or going after what they want.

In one sentence: I am fearless, I take risks, and I have absolutely NO remorse or shame about it.

I am going to teach and show you how to be a man who is fearless, takes risks, and achieve the things that he wants in life.

I am going to show you how you can live your life with NO regrets, no shame, no guilt, and get whatever it is that YOU want out of life.

Prepare yourselves…

How to Be a Man Who is Fearless

If you want to learn how to be a man who is fearless then you must become a man who is not afraid of failing AND you must also become a man who never ever gives up no matter what obstacles you might face.

How many hits can you take but keep on moving forward towards your goals?

How many times can you take the hits?

How badly do you want to accomplish your goals?

When the going gets tough are you going to simply quit and begin looking for excuses?


Are you going to keep on moving forward no matter what obstacles life throws your way?

I will get very personal with you: The past few weeks has been a real struggle for me and this site personally. Some of my competitors (other sites) are mad that I am giving away all of the information that I teach on this site for FREE. They are trying to get this site shut down, erased, they want me to quit…

But I won't. They can't stop me.

How come?

Because I am willing to take the hits and keep on moving forward. I am willing to keep on pushing forward despite the likelihood of my own personal success. I will not give in. I absolutely refuse. My determination and will to see this site succeed FAR outweighs their attempts to try and destroy my site.

I am NOT afraid of failing. I have no fear of success.

This is how you become a man who is fearless:

    You refuse to let the thoughts of quitting and giving up get in your head.
    You refuse to let the thoughts of failing stop you from trying.
    You refuse to whine, cry, and make any excuses.

All that you do is set your mind to accomplishing a certain task or goal and you make the COMMITMENT to achieve it.

    No matter what obstacles life may throw your way
    No matter what your family and friends may think or say
    No matter how unlikely you are to succeed

You MAKE THE COMMITMENT to conquer your goals and you focus ONLY on achieving.

How to Be a Man Who Takes Risks

Becoming a man who has the ability to take risks is all about being able to see the forest for the trees.

Being able to plan, use foresight, and visualize for your future.

Why would a man want to take any risks?

Because when there is NO risk there is also NO reward.

Starting your own business IS risky, but do you want to know what the reward is?

A life full of freedom, wealth, and happiness. A life that you actually enjoy, cherish, and is proud about.

Learning how to become successful with women is ALSO risky… but do you want to know what your reward is?

Having the ability to meet and attract ANY girl that you want. Being able to get a girlfriend, date multiple women, and have an abundance mentality.

Men who always get “lucky” take risks because they know, no scratch that, they are CERTAIN, that their rewards will FAR outweigh their risks.

This is how men who are successful think. They don't worry about failing, instead they place all of their focus and attention on succeeding.

Why should you be a man who takes risks?

Because taking risks will allow you to live an extraordinary life and not a mediocre one. Taking risks will help you develop true confidence not just in your skills but in YOURSELF. Taking risks is how you transform yourself from a no-getter to a go-getter.

Taking risks is how EVERY man should focus on living his life.

Is there a chance of you failing?

Of course… but so what?

What's more worse: Having a dream of starting your own business and putting in all of your effort but not exactly succeeding OR… working a minimum wage job 40 hours a week for the REST OF YOUR LIFE and always asking yourself “what if?”

The guy who at least tried will ALWAYS feel 100x more better than the guy who simply refuses to try. The guy who tried will have NO regrets, the guy who never tried will live his life FULL of regrets.

Which guy do YOU want to be?

The guy who never followed through on his goals or dreams?


The guy who at least attempted to become something better and accomplish his goals?

This very website is taking a HUGE risk: People don't want me to tell you the truth on how to truly succeed in life.

    They don't want me tell the truth on “Why You Should Never Get a Job or Go to College” if your goal is to get rich and become successful.
    They don't want me to tell you the truth on why being nice and paying for dates with women is a very BAD thing to do.
    WOMEN themselves do not want me to reveal the secrets to succeeding with them and making them fall helplessly in love with you.

Just read the comments section for some of these articles:

Why To NOT Pay For Dates

How to Attract and Date Younger Women (Even if You're Old)

How to Attract and Date Older Women (As a Younger Man)

All Women Are Sluts: How to Bring Out A Girl's Naughty Side

Why Getting Dating Advice From Women is Worthless

…and MANY other articles on this site which has not been received too well by lots of women and commentators.

Other dating gurus and pick up artists do not want me to reveal the secrets to attracting women for FREE. And women do not want me to reveal the secrets to attracting them for the fear of them subconsciously falling in love with you.

But despite all of the pushback that my site is receiving from these people I REFUSE TO BACK DOWN. My will and determination is too strong to let a couple of naysayer haters stop me and my site from becoming successful and helping other men out there

How to Be a Man Who is Fearless and Takes Risks

Stop listening to the haters and critics.

Stop taking advice from people who want to see you fail.

Stop letting the thoughts of doubt and quitting get in your head.

Stop worrying about failing.

Focus on the positives.

Focus on succeeding.

Focus on accomplishing.

Focus on living out your dreams and modeling yourself after other successful people.

Let your determination, your motivation, your will, and your obsession keep you strong during your tough times.

How hard can YOU get hit and keep on moving forward towards your goals?

The Unspoken Truth About Failure and Success

Most people are afraid to fail in life.

Most people are afraid to be fearless and take risks in life.

Most people are too afraid to really push themselves and leave their comfort zones.

This is also the reason why most people live very ordinary and mediocre lives.

Most men today are broke with empty bank accounts, date average looking women who they aren’t really proud to be dating, and are unhappy and always arguing and complaining.

The reason how come so many people are unsuccessful nowadays has NOTHING to do with them failing… the reason why most people are unsuccessful nowadays is because most people are all afraid to fail… which means that they never take any risks or fail to take any action at all to even begin with.

Well… what if I told you that the key to success in life was failing a LOT?

What if I told you that Failure is a sign of progression, trying, fighting, and growing?

And what if I also told you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to succeed UNLESS you fail?

In this article you are going to learn the unspoken truth about failure and success and how you can use this information to better your life and achieve all that you want.

Why Failing A Lot Is A Good Thing

You can’t succeed in life without failing first. That is just simple common sense.

If you want to become good at Basketball, the only way to get better is to practice shooting, dribbling, passing, and participate in some Basketball games. You WILL miss a couple of shots, you WILL lose some basketball games, etc

But… you will also undeniably improve your skill set as well. You will become a much better shooter, you will become a much better dribbler and team player, and you will in the long run begin to win more games than you lose.

You will get better at basketball by first failing… A LOT!

If you want to become successful with women, the only way to get better with women is to talk to women more often, approach more girls than you used to, learn how to text girls and talk to them on the phone, etc.

You WILL get rejected by some girls at first, you WILL screw up and make some mistakes somewhere along the way that will sometimes cost you lays, etc

But… you will undeniably improve your skills with women tremendously. You will become more better at connecting with women, relating to them, engaging them, capturing and holding their interest, etc. You will ALSO become better at attracting women and having first dates that smoothly leads to sex.

You will become great with women by first failing… A LOT!

Failing is the ONLY way to succeed in life. Einstein failed 10,000 times before he got his invention right. Steve Jobs failed a bunch of times before he finally got it right with Apple.

These powerful men failed A LOT… and then they succeeded. If they would have never failed, then they would have also never succeeded.

You MUST be willing to fail in order to succeed in life. In some ways you must actually want to fail fast and often because doing so will lead you on a much quicker path to success.

Never Be Afraid to Fail and Take Risks

Great men are willing to take risks in order to better their futures.

Real men are not afraid to leave their comfort zones in order to make progress in their lives and accomplish their goals.

The men who are the most successful fail (and have failed) A LOT!

Stop thinking that some men just get lucky. This simply is not true. Successful men create their OWN luck and take the necessary action steps to get what they want. The men who are most successful do not have any time for arguing or complaining, only ass-kicking.

Never be afraid to fail in life and take risks. Never be afraid to follow your dreams and do what YOU want to do and achieve. Stop seeking validation from other people and live your life as you envision it.

Remember: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. So definitely do make plans for your goals but then once you have devised your plan and strategy… Take Action.

It is impossible to truly fail in life at ANYTHING. The only way you ever fail at something in life is as soon as you give up.

Why Getting Dating Advice From Women Is Worthless

Want to know the biggest reason why most people fail at life?

They get worthless advice from people who don’t have a darn clue what it is that their talking about.

If you want to succeed in life and accomplish your goals, you must make a conscious effort to ONLY get advice from the men who walk the walk. The men who made mistakes along the way and lived to tell the tale. The men who live a life that you envy.

Getting useless advice from people who simply spout out theory and useless nonsense doesn’t help you reach your goals, it only helps to push your goals further away.

You see this most commonly with men getting business advice from broke people, men getting dating advice from women, and men getting fitness advice from people who are out of shape and spends every night eating at McDonalds.

Most people FAIL because they get bad advice from people who don’t know what it is that their talking about. In other words they get advice from people who give advice not from experience but from speculation.

To succeed at dating and in life, you must take REAL, no-nonsense advice that will help you to achieve all of your goals.

Why Getting Dating Advice From Women Is Worthless

So why exactly is getting dating advice from women completely worthless to you as a man?

Because the women who give you tips and advice on how to attract and please women have NEVER done this THEMSELVES.

Most (no wait, ALL) of the dating advice that you’ll get from women is nothing but theory and tells you about how they wish things in dating would work. Not how it actually DOES work but only how they wish things worked.

In fact, women are as inexperienced as it gets in picking up women as a man.

How can a girl teach you how to seduce a girl when she has never done so herself?

How can a girl teach you how to make a girl orgasm when she has never done so herself?

How can a girl teach you how to attract women when she has never done so herself?

She Can’t. It is IMPOSSIBLE. Getting her advice on these topics is absolutely useless and worthless to you as a man.

Getting dating advice from women does NOT help your game, it only hurts your game. Matter of fact, It actually cripples your game.

Let’s examine exactly WHY most of the dating advice that you’ll tend to get from women will hurt your game…

The Worthless Dating Advice That Most Women Give To Men

“Just Be Yourself John and you will eventually find the one”

Oh really, obviously this man HAS been being himself and it certainly isn’t working. John being himself is exactly why he is STILL a virgin, single, and all ALONE.

More importantly, just telling a man to “Be Himself” doesn’t help him accomplish anything. If you just tell a man to be himself, how does he know what he has to improve on?

Just being yourself doesn’t help you get laid, get phone numbers, and get DATES. It leaves you stagnant and never making any improvements and specific tweaks and adjustments to your interactions.

“Just be nice to girls John, women are attracted to men who are nice”

This advice is all THEORY and NO substance. In other words it is absolutely useless to you.

The truth is, nice guys DO finish last and women are attracted to the bad boys.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be mean and insensitive when you are around women, it simply means that there are certain attractive qualities and tendencies that EVERY bad boy possesses that makes them attractive to women.

Saying very vague and generic advice such as “Just Be Nice” is not going to help men get sex and dates. Women aren’t attracted to men who are nice, they are actually repulsed by men who act too nice around them.

More importantly, being nice to girls is an easy way to put yourself in the friend zone which causes you to begin chasing girls.

Once again, this is some advice that women believe ought to work in the dating game, but doesn’t actually work.

The cold harsh truth is, being nice to women will leave you with blue balls, feeling sorry for yourself, and masturbating every night.

“I would NEVER sleep with a man who did not pay for me on a date”

Right, yet I have managed to sleep with HUNDREDS of girls who said this very thing before our date and I didn’t pay for ANY of them.

I have already discussed why paying for dates is bad and why you should actively avoid it.

But that does beg the question…

How many men have went out on dates with women and paid, and STILL managed to NOT get laid?


In fact, it happens all of the time. Some sorry sap will spend his whole wage to take a girl out to an expensive restaurant, be nice to her on the date and pay for EVERYTHING, and STILL not get laid or get any sex.

Paying for dates doesn’t increase your chances of getting sex on the first date, it hurts your chances. When you don’t pay for women on dates, you actually increase your chances of getting first-date sex substancially.

You Should ONLY Take Meaningful Advice That Works In The Real World

When you take advice from people that lead miserable, poor, and sorry lives, how do you plan to become successful?

When you take bodybuilding advice from a fat bloke who is out of shape, how you plan to build an attractive male body?

When you take dating advice from women, how to plan to get a girlfriend and actually attract girls?

The key to success is to find someone is who successful and reverse-engineer that person’s success.

Find out how they BECAME successful, ask them intelligent and thought provoking questions, learn about how they think and view the world, and most importantly, analyze their RESULTS.

Getting dating advice from women is bad because women have absolutely NO experience picking up women as a man.

Be very selective about who you get your advice from, because doing this will increase your chances of accomplishing your goals and achieving success.

Only Weak Men Argue and Complain

If you spend hours every day arguing and complaining… you’re a weak man.

If you waste time every day complaining about what you don’t have instead of appreciating and being thankful for what you do have… you’re a weak man.

If you spend all of your free time every day complaining about feminists and being bitter instead of transforming yourself into a more attractive man… you’re a weak man

If you spend hours every day watching TV and hanging out on Facebook and then a minute later you complain about always being broke and having a bunch of unpaid bills… you’re a weak man

If you complain about being out of shape and having an unattractive disgusting body yet an hour later you drive to McDonald’s to buy a Big Mac Meal and stuff your face… you’re a weak man

If you spend hours every night watching internet porn instead having sex with REAL women instead… then you’re not a REAL man you’re a weak man

If you don’t know how to throw a punch or defend yourself in a fight… you’re a weak man

If you spend hours every day texting and calling the same girl over and over again instead of leaving the house, approaching and talking to 20 NEW girls… you’re a weak man.

If you think you might currently be a weak man… then you’re a weak man

If you are unable to hold a conversation with a girl for longer than 5 minutes… you’re a weak man

If you go to bars and clubs every night and watch other men approach women instead of approaching those same women yourself… you’re a weak man

If you spend most of your days being miserable and feeling depressed instead of being happy, thinking positively, and making strategic plans to better your future… you’re a weak man

If you have any fear of your boss saying the words “You’re Fired”… you’re a weak man

If you are NOT self-reliant, self-disciplined, and self-motivated to better yourself and your future…. you’re a weak man.

If you work at a regular job making someone else rich instead of starting your own business and making yourself rich… you’re a weak man

If you have a bad habit of chasing women instead of replacing them… you’re a weak man

If you have to ask yourself whether or not you’re a weak man… then you’re a weak man.