Eucalyptus Tea

Amazing benefits of eucalyptus tea for health

The natural remedies offered by plants and herbs are countless, most of them works effective with out pinging any side effects. Some cynics are still doubting their working and greatness where as on the other side, many interesting facts are coming to real. Among the many, Eucalyptus is one, which is heralding its effectiveness in many  health treatments. Eucalyptus offers its essential factors in various forms, but the tea prepared from the eucalyptus is one of the greatest way you can use effectively for your health. Eucalyptus tea aids many general health problems and is also an excellent remedy for specific sickness issues.

Health benefits of eucalyptus tea

Respiratory relief
Many people use eucalyptus to treat their cold problem and is one major ingredient in the among the products which gives relief from cough through the cough drops and cough serups. Near to the same, you can get the best benefits from eucalyptus tea , just inhale the steam from hot tea to unclog your airways and to cut the mucus.
In treating your common cold and flu, eucalyptus tea serves you fast relief. It’s advantages not just limited with it, it helps for the other respirational problems, cough, asthma, whooping and emphysema. Not with the tea or its vapour, Try rubbing the eucalyptus tea on your chest, it acts a menthol and help to escalate the congestion which comes with cold.

Prevents infection
The antibacterial properties of eucalyptus kills the infections that are contributing for the sores, it treats the mouth sores and gives relief from many kinds of mouth sores. Gargle and rinse the eucalyptus tea, it will acts as a cleanser and combats with the germs and bacteria.

Another excellent advantage of eucalyptus tea is effective working on inflammation and pain. To treat the pain and inflammation of a wound, just dip a cotton ball in the tea and apply over the affected area. This simple homemade treatment strips the wounds and the pain and inflammation followed by it. You can even treat your skin rashes, insect bites, small cuts, bruises and scrapes with the eucalyptus tea in a similar way you treat the wound.

The working of antioxidants is to combat with the free radical molecules which contributes for the aging and other problems. Get various antioxidants from eucalyptus tea including rutin,  imonene, alpha-pinene, hyperin, quercetin, eucalyptrin and alpha-termineol. It also contains some more antioxidants in the form of tannins present in the tea.
Eucalyptus tea sort out the respiratory problem with the presence of a major compound cineole, it works tremendous for the respiratory infections and to kick off the cough causing problems. It is an active ingredient born in the eucalyptus plant itself with the working action as expectorant.
Thus eucalyptus tea is an ideal treatment for the cold, bronchitis and respiratory system infections. Not just the tea, even its vapour helps to soothe the associated problems of throat and lungs. So enjoy the amazing health benefits of eucalyptus tea with its rich taste.

Decreases blood sugar
Those who are suffering from diabetes can drink this eucalyptus tea throughout the day which helps in lower blood sugar.

Good dental health
Eucalyptus has antibacterial activity against tooth decay and periodontopathic bacteria.

How Eucalyptus tea helps
Eucalyptus consists of many helpful constituents that are useful for health. Cineole is the most important compound present in the eucalyptus plant which works as an expectorant would. Cineole is good for fighting alleviating a cough and respiratory infections. Eucalyptus tea is the best remedy for bronchitis, colds, throat and viral infections of respiratory system. Instead of drinking the tea their will be a benefit if you inhale the vapor from the hot cup of eucalyptus tea that quite the throat and lungs. There is no enough evidence to show whether to drink this tea during pregnancy or not, so it is advised not to drink this tea.

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