Bea uty benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Beauty benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Don’t know the difference between extra virgin olive oil and olive oil, then keep reading.
Depending on the processing levels that the pure olive oil has subjected, it comes to the market in four different cadres.
1. Extra virgin olive oil, it is obtained from lowest processing levels.
2. Virgin olive oil – The oil come in the second stage of pressing the olive’s.
3. Pure olive oil – The olive oil that comes after the processing steps of filtering and refining.
4. Extra light oil – When the olive oil subjected to many processing steps, we will get extra light oil and is with the formula of less olive flavor.
Among the all kinds of olive oils, extra virgin oil is a major kind that is in purest and healthiest form. This oil is produced from the freshly harvested olives, the process involves in refining the oil includes the cold pressing with out the mixture of artificial flavors and chemicals. Infact, you can consume this oil directly when it is in the natural form  with  out the extra processing or adulteration. It is promoting the health benefits with the having compounds antioxidants and fatty acids.

Extra virgin olive oil health benefits

Prevents heart diseases
Extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants and monosaturated fats. It helps to control the high cholesterol levels and also benefits by improving the HDL levels.
Olive oil is a specific oil type that contains huge monosaturated fats. Add daily at least two table spoons of olive oil to your diet to bet the growth of antioxidants.

Perks for digestion
From the big list of olive oil benefits, its help for the digestion is tremendous. It is moves smooth in your stomach than any other vegetable oils. It helps to treat the ulcers and other gastric problems by its protecting nature of stomach. Olive oil naturally promotes the improvement of production of bile in the body and even fosters for the pancreatic hormones production.

Extra virgin olive oil skin benefits
Extra virgin olive oil is complete skin care oil as it is born with vitamins, minerals and natural moisturizing agents.
Extra virgin olive oil has been under the use of many skin care solution, it repairs the skin and promotes the boost up of skin cells. It moisturizes and makes the skin smoother.
For the instant smoothness and great skin texture, apply the olive oil to your entire skin very after second of your bath.

Prevents cancer
The phytonutrients present in olive oil helps for the reduction of inflammation and subsequently minimizes the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.

Olive oil is rich in the monosaturated fats and is low at the levels of LDL, when it is added by the patients who are having diabetics it prompts effective results. It enhances the blood sugar levels and improves the sensitivity of insulin.

Olive oil when consumed in the greater quantities stimulates the body to absorb more calcium. It increases the calcification and bone mineralization through which helps to treat the osteoporosis.

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