Top benefits of eggplant for your health

Eggplant is known well for its high chlorogenic acid, It is a plant compound and with the antioxidant properties. It helps to lower the bad cholesterol. It even combat with the cancer causing free radicals. Chlorogenic acid is also contains of antimutagenic properties that protect and ward off the cells from transferring into cancerous cells. The antiviral properties of cholorgenic acid restricts the diseases that are caused by viruses. Eggplant is not as popular as remaining vegetables but these are rich in nutritious and helps in promoting the good health. It prevents major health problems like cancer. Eggplant consists of fiber, vitamins, chlorogenic acid and nasunin.
  • The rich amounts of calcium iron and other minerals present in the eggplants helps the body to absorb the sufficient amounts of essential nutrients. Serve them through roasted, grilled, baked stuffed or in the stew process.
  • While you are dealing with the eggplant for cooking don’t peel its skin, as it contains of essential phyto nutrients, which helps to stimulate the blood circulation and for the nourishment of brain.
  • Eggplants are the special sources of fiber that are necessary for the protection of digestive tract. Indeed, the regular consumption of eggplants help you to kick off the colon cancer.
  • The another big reason to consume eggplants include the low calorie amount present in the eggplants. A cup full of eggplants consists of 35 percent of calories. They are with no fats and gives full feel with the consumption of average amount.
  • The high fiber and low soluble carbohydrates of eggplant are beneficial for the controlling and managing of diabetics.
  • Research studies have proved that eggplants have the ability to reduce the bad cholesterol, but you will get the appropriate health benefits only you cook them in the correct way.  Frying will only leaves a lot of harmful and heavy fat. Rather than friying the eggplants, baking them around 400 degrees  brings its excellent flavor and all its hided goodness.
  • The extraordinary benefits of eggplant not just limited with the lowering of cholesterol.  Their high bioflavonoids of eggplant helps for the control of high blood pressure and the stress.
  • Regular intake of eggplant helps ward off the blood clots and Vitamin K and bioflavonoids helps for the strengthening of capillaries.
  • Eggplant with its high amount of vitamin C is leading as a source of anti-virus and anti-bacteria.
  • The little amount of nicotene present in the egg plant helps for the people who are trying to quit smoking.

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