4 Steps to the Perfect Pedicure

How to the Perfect Pedicure?

1. Get the foundations right

A lot of people choose a bold colour to hide a manner of sins, but it’s important to get the foundations right, too. Shape your nails, cut your cuticles and scrub your feet to make them nice and soft.

2. Get painting

Once they’re soft and silky, apply polish. Use a cotton bud and nailvarnish remover to clean up if you go round the edges.

3. Don’t use dark colours too often

This can lead to discolouration, so alternate with a light colour. For every two weeks with colour, have one week without to allow your nails to breathe.

4. Add shimmer and sparkle

For added sexiness, dust a shimmer powder across the top of your toes and add a toe ring if you’re feeling glam!

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