Best benefits of eating cashew nuts / kaju for health


Best benefits of eating cashew nuts / kaju for health


Health benefits of cashew nuts

Low fat cashew nuts
Cashews are most famous for their low fat content, many of the nuts have high fats but cashews are far away from that as they contains antioxidants and nill cholesterol. These best qualities are retaining the heart diseases at far.

Helps to decrease blood pressure
The good amount of magnesium present in the cashew nuts lower the blood pressure.

Improves black hair
Though the market is filled with many hair colors, the natural shiny black hair is the most craving by many people. Applying hair dyes won’t benefit you for the long days but the cashew nuts works great. The mineral copper present in the cashew nuts regulates the growth black color in the hair.

Healthy bones
As we all know calcium is the major key for the strong bones and teeth, but magnesium present in the cashew nuts will also works the same.

Nerve cells care
The main reasons behind the high blood pressure and head aches is entrance of calcium into the nerve cells. This transmission can be blocked by the magnesium which is rich in cashew nuts.

Helps for the Weight loss
Cashew nuts comprises of good cholesterol and it reduces the weight of a person when compared to the person who didn’t ate them.

Multivitamin source
Cashew nuts are the bright sources of vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and niacin etc. These vitamins help to stay away from pellagra, sideroblastic anemia, etc.

Strong teeth
The magnesium amount of cashew nuts help us to build strong teeth and bones.

Decreases free radicals
Cashew nuts decreases the free radicals in the body and strengthens the body to absorb more iron content.

Protects from Sun
They keep safe from macular degeneration by protecting us from the harmful UV rays of sun.

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