Top benefits of eating eggs for health

Top benefits of eating eggs for health

Health benefits of eggs

Eggs for eye care
Eggs contains of cartenoid agents lutein and zeaxanthin which works effectively for the prevention of macular degeneration, by which our eyes will be safe and healthy. These agents also decreases the risk of cataracts formation.

Supplies proteins
For building the muscles and to repair the tissues in the body proteins are required in large. Eating egg will offer good amount of proteins.

Increases the calcium
Boiled eggs contains of vitamin D that is required adequate for the healthy structure of bones and teeth. This vitamin increases the absorption levels of calcium and hence maximizes the calcium levels in the body.

Daily egg
The existence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in the eggs in the place of saturated fats prevent your heart diseases, strokes and blood clot problems eat an egg on every day with out neglect, reports a survey.

The nutrient coline in the egg lowers the problems of nervous system and cardiovascular system, it also regulates the brain and helps for the better function.

Good fats
The amount of good fats present in the eggs lowers the cholesterol related problems and doesn’t impact the lipid though they are consumed more in a day.

Natural vitamin D
The one food that contains of vitamin D are eggs, here the D vitamin indicates the natural vitamin.

Prevents breast cancer
To decrease the chance of getting breast cancer, it is needed to eat eggs in a regular manner. Make sure food is encompassed with the eggs to kick off many other problems too.

Eggs for hair and nail health
Eggs contains of sulphur and vitamin B12, which are the major compounds for the hair and nail health. If you have the problem with rapid hair fall due to insufficient amounts of sulphur try to eat eggs regularly.

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