Grapefruit health benefits – Grapefruit beauty benefits




Grapefruit health benefits - Grapefruit beauty benefits



Health benefits of grapefruits

Prevents arthritis
The salicyclic acid contained in the grapefruit is the cutter of the inorganic calcium which is retaining in the joints of the cartilage. If this inorganic calcium is present for long time it leads to the arthritis. To reduce the arthritis mix grapefruit juice with apple cider vinegar for the best results.

Treats common health problems
Eating grapefruit or drinking juice treats common cold, fever, helps to dissolve gallstones, stimulates the liver functioning and increases the immunity power.

Cancer prevention
The pigment which is responsible for the red color in the fruit, lycopene, has great power to work against the cancers and tumors. It shields the cancer developing free radicals).

Lower the cholesterol
The presence of antioxidants made the grapefruit to fight against the bad cholesterol levels.

Do not prefer
Don’t eat or drink the grape fruit when your are under medical treatments like allergies, seizures, depression, impotence, high blood pressure, heart diseases and even HIV because the grapefruit reacts in the negative way.

Beauty benefits of grapefruit

Consuming or adding the grapefruit in the face mask add the extra shine to you as it is having various minerals, vitamin A, Vitamin C and antioxidants too.

Owning the mineral of potassium, grapefruit fights the harmful sun rays and handles the wrinkles and dark spots on the face.Where the vitamin C and antioxidants protect from the environment dusts.

Skin smoother
Yes! grapefruit is having the capacity to smooth your skin, the amino acids of grapefruit makes the skin more tight and soft. The antioxidant retinol of the fruit also has the same character of smoothing the skin.

Weight loss
The three ingredients less sodium, high water content and high enzymes present in the grape fruit moulded it as a super food for increasing body metabolism rate, Try eating grape fruit and notice how it performs magic in the weight loss.

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