Home treatment to remove eye bags, puffy eyes

Adrooping and sagging skin is hideous to us, and why it won’t be? The circle of age is the culprit here to develop these baggy eyes which are dragged to touch ground levels. With time, gravity becomes our biggest enemy to fade away that youthful glow ad makes us look ugly. Bags under eyes is a common cause of aging. During our youth, the skin fights back to all the fat, but with the clock of time it becomes meaningless and we are left with baggy eyes. There are several other causes of baggy eyes, it could be your irregular diet, your sleeping habits, lack of exercise, and more such factors. It depends on how you got through this and the remedy lies on the same. If you have bags under eyes due to aging then definitely there are a few remedies, and the only alternatives are fillers and knives. On the other hand, problems other than nature call could be diminished by several home remedies which are safe and highly effective.

1. From your cupboard: Both green teas and black teas are great to normalise puffy eyes. The caffeine in the tea helps constrict blood vessels and reduces swelling under eyes. Steep 2 bags of your choice in hot water for couple of minutes and keep it out. Let it cool till it is applicable to the skin and apply it over eyes, it reduces inflammation and redness also.

2. From your refrigerator: Cucumber remedy is one of the great of its kind. Cucumber soothes skin and if it is dragged out from the refrigerator, the coolness is just way perfect. It relieves the skin puffiness, leaving it rejuvenated and refreshed. The astringent property of cucumber helps blood vessels to constrict. Egg whites and potatoes are also great remedies from the treasure in your refrigerator.

3. From your sink: In the hectic hours of the morning, when you have just 30 minutes to get ready, cucumber slices and tea bags won’t help. A quick do in this case is splashes of cold water onto your face which can heal the baggy eyes to some extent. This may be a rude awakening, but the coldness of water will help in constricting blood vessels and also helps in diminishing swelling.

4. From your spice rack: If you want to rise with deflated eyes, then you have a wonderful home remedy. Salt is mixed in a glass of warm water and with the help of cotton pads it is put over the eyelid. Let it remain for some minutes and you can witness the amazing results right in front of your eyes.

5. From your rack: Have you heard of spoon doing wonders for your baggy eyes? It seems miraculous but yes, spoons can help you to combat bags under eyes. Put two curved teaspoons in the fridge and let it cool for awhile. After some time, take out one and put it on the swelled eyes. The spoon when reaches to the normal temperature, take out the other spoon and apply the same way. The coolness from the spoons leaves the eyes to get pampered and calm.
Beside that, you can also inculcate various measures in your day to day life of clean surroundings without dust. Don’t vigorously rub your eyeballs in the morning. A proper massage of eyes are ultimate to let it feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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