Curd / yogurt beauty and health benefits

Curd / yogurt beauty and health benefits










Health benefits of yogurt

Yogurt is on
If you have the allergy with milk or lactose intolerance you can take the diary product yogurt for its rich nutrients. It is proved that yogurt will be digested fast compared to milk.

Bone and teeth health
Yogurt is the great source of calcium and hence it sharps the strongness of bones and teeth in children and adults also.

Lowers the cholesterol
Yogurt makes the bad cholesterol to stay off. It reduces and blood cholesterol and prevents the cause of heart diseases.

Mineral absorption
Lactic acid present in the yogurt helps increase the minerals absorption in the body, removes the intestinal absorption problems in children.

Beauty benefits of yogurt

Reduces skin infections
Skin infections can be kicked off with the regular application of yogurt to the face and other affected areas. It fights with the infection causing agents and cleans the skin.

Sun burn affects
The presence of zinc in the yogurt give you relief from the sun burns and the other encompassed itches. Apply yogurt in direct to the skin and wash off waiting few minutes.

Good for hair
The proteins of natural milk, zinc and lactic acid tremendously gives fine results for the hair. These properties strengthens the hair and decreases the dull and dryness.

Hair moisturizer
To give a natural moisturizing affect to the hair opt the yogurt, it turns the dry and life less hair to shine. In addition to the above it also reduced the split ends of the hair.

Foot care
If your foot is rough and dry, then apply the yogurt that is mixed with the few drops of lemon extract. Apply and allow it for 20 minutes to dry, wash it and pat.
Yogurt removes tan, zits, dark circles and uneven tone. It fights with acne and reduces the scars regarding acne survival.

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