Benefits of jaggery




Nutritional value of jaggery

The very good benefit of the jaggery is that it is a taste explosion, when comparison to the normal white sugar the taste of jaggery differs more and lifts up the taste buds easily. For example taste the plain white sugar and jaggery one after the another, there is no need to tell you its rich sweet taste.
Purifies blood
Jaggery improves the hemoglobin levels of the blood and even purifies the blood. Taking few grams on each day benefits the health.
It has the cleansing agent
Sweeteners and sugars mostly don’t have the cleansing properties but the jaggery have it. It cleanses various parts of the body such as lungs, stomach, food pipe, intestine system and respiratory tract. It removes the dust present in the overall body and treats the constipation problem with its fiber.
Digestive agent
One of the property of the jaggery which is not known by many people is its digestive property. After having a heavy meal or a general meal take few grams of jaggery which helps for the proper digestion. Jaggery stimulates the enzymes present in the digestive system and changes itself to acetic acid in the stomach, by which it fastens the digestion. Along with it, the strain present in the digestion will be reduced and goes on in a smooth way. Liver produces the bile to help the digestion, thus it inhibits the bile disorders.
Energy food
When we take the carbohydrate food, the energy will come in the oxidation process. If the carbohydrate is simple then the energy will come up easily. People who are suffering with the fatigue problem and are in need of instant energy, use to take the amounts of sugar and glucose. Due to their simple property they will easily absorbed by the blood stream and offers the instantaneous energy. But doctors suggest that the sudden increase in the sugar levels will affect the internal organs, especially in the diabetics patients. If it is used as a daily diet, it may give rise for the diabetics problem. The sudden increase in the sugar levels may also affect the kidneys and eyes, increases the blood pressure and even promotes for various organ systems related problems. But jaggery is a complex carbohydrate and will be digested easily and releases the energy even after the period of extended time. Jaggery can offer the person warmth and energy for an extended period without harming the internal organs.
Minerals of jaggery
Unlike sugar, jaggery is the source of many minerals, majorly iron along with traces of some mineral salts. Most of the iron present in the jaggery triggers by its processing in iron vessels. Where as some other minerals come directly from the sugar cane juice, as it doesn’t go to the bleaching or refinement process. Therefore, it is a very rich source of minerals for the body health.
Removes toxins
It improves the bowel movement which is further benefiting in the removal of the toxins present in the body.
In some parts of India, low quality jaggery is mixed with tobacco dust in order to use it as a toothpaste.

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