Benefits of cabbage for health and beauty

Healthy benefits of cabbage

Treats anemia
The folic acid present in the cabbage is a most important nutrient, it builds the new blood cells and treats the anemia problem.

Eye health
With the presence of vitamin A and beta carotene cabbage fosters the good eye sight by macular degeneration.

The anti-inflammatory properties and the essential amino acids present in the cabbage fights anti with the skin inflammation.

Cures colon problems
The major minerals needed for treating the inflammation of colon and intestine are chlorine and sulphur, Cabbage juice contains these two minerals and works in the cleaning of bowel.

Weight loss
Cabbage is composed of low calories and helps to decrease the body weight, It cleans the intestine upper area and eliminates the waste materials that are residing in the intestine.

Vitamin U ( S-methylmethionine)
Cabbage contains vitamin U which is essential for the stomach inner layer strengthening, it also combat the ulcers formation in the stomach.

Beauty benefits of cabbage

The antioxidants present in the cabbage works efficiently to reduce the premature ageing by fighting with the radical molecules.

Kickoff dryness
To get relief from the dryness of your skin , apply the cabbage juice directly to your face. It can also be used in any of your face packs. With this help wrinkles also decreased.

Solves skin disorders
The antioxidants, vitamin C and phytochemicals of cabbage combats the free radicals and prevents us from many skin disorders such as zits, black heads, acne scars and rashes.

Increases skin complexion
Owning to the sources of vitamin A and Vitamin E cabbage rejuvenates the skin tissues and detoxifies the body. This process increments the complexion of the skin and makes more smooth and supple.

Hair care
The internal or the external intake of cabbage juice promotes your hair growth and stops the hair fall. It strengthens the hair roots and gives you a stronger and thicker hair.

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