Bitter gourd health and beauty benefits

Healthy benefits of  bitter gourd

Healthy heart
Bitter gourds reduces the bad cholesterol in the body and lower the chance of getting heart diseases. It keeps the blood pressure levels to good scale and maintains our heart healthy.

Bitter gourd juice for liver health
Blend the bitter gourds with water and squeeze it to separate the juice from it, drink the juice in a regular manner to cure liver problems.

Weight loss
The antioxidants present in the bitter gourd flush the system and regulates the metabolism rate by which it helps for the weight reduction. It controls the calories levels in a simple manner.

Fight infections
Boil the leaves of bitter melon and consume it on regular basis for the immune system effective results and also to cure infections.

Kidney care
Bitter melon poises the healthy bladder and liver. It also cures the stones in the kidney.

Beauty benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter melon will give good treatment for the zits and the acne problems. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of bitter melon fights the acne causing agents.
Bitter melon is helpful in treating itching, blood boils, scabies, ring-worm, psoriasis and other fungal diseases. It also fight with the free radicals which are the causers of aging.

Wrinkle treatment
The serum present in the bitter gourd also helps to cure the wrinkles and fine lines.

Bitter gourd juice for face
Bitter gourd functions great for any kind of skin texture, extract the juice and apply it to the face for the benefits of healthy skin.

Reduces heat rashes
To reduces the rashes formed due to heat and direct sun light, take a bitter gourd bath. Extract the juice from the blended bitter gourds and pour two spoons of the juice in water. Repeat it for at least ten days for the natural results.

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