Amazing health benefits of eating bottle gourd / lauki

The people who love to make their food spicy, delicious and extravagant most probably keep the bottle gourd out of their diet list, as it’s taste is bland. People says its taste don’t helps the taste buds when they are looking for yummy taste and Many of us raise our eye brows when we find the curry in the table is bottle gourd.
Though it’s been ignored by many the bottle gourd is bottled with many health benefits and nutritions.

Bottle gourd health benefits

Dieters choice
If you are on the mode of low calorie diet, prefer to add bottle gourd in your diet as it is loaded with 96 per of water. It is high in dietary fiber and gives only few calories. It strengths your body with the presence of many vitamins and trace minerals set like potassium, iron and sodium.

Bottle gourd is builded with the combination of both soluble and non soluble fibers. The soluble fiber helps for the healthy digestion and discards the problems related with digestion such as acidity, constipation and flatulence. Amidst insoluble fiber shows its advantage on piles conditions.

Cooling gourd
With the presence of high amounts of water, bottle gourd is stood as a super cooling agent. It can relax the people who are affected with direct sun rays or the people who have working for long hours under the sun light. It helps to recover the water which was lost due to perspiration and prevents the heat strokes. It can be consumed either in the juice form or like a salad.

Flushes out excess water in the body
Few people have excess water in the body in the form of swelling and bloating, the diuretic property of bottle gourd can save us from the excess water by removing it. To sort this problem extract the juice and add few drops of lemon to it.

Reduces urinary tract problems
At the same time the above mixture relives from the urinary tract burning sensation by dissolving the acidic urine in the body.

Lowers the body weight
The high amount of water, fiber, nutrition and less amounts of fats and calories made the bottle gourd as prestigious food for losing weight. Prefer drinking the fresh juice in the morning hours with an empty stomach, it will keep down the hunger shouts which inturn promotes for the healthy weight.

Skin care
The natural proteins and vitamins present in the bottle gourd repairs the skin from internal, it block the excessive oils secretion in the body and hence prevents the acne and other skin infections.

Hair care
Drinking bottle gourd juice in the morning hours will also stops the premature aging of hair.

Benefits for the better sleep
Mix the sesame oil with the bottle gourd and drink it, it will dilutes the problems associated with sleeping and retains away the insomnia issues.

Replaces the water in the body
High fever, diarrhea or other health issues connecting with water loss and sweating can be treated with the bottle gourd juice. It replaces the lost water from the body and treats fatigue.

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