3 Success Tips for Generating Your Most Brilliant Ideas

  • Select a capture tool, and use it. Ideas can strike when you least expect it. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. Capture ideas on the spot by selecting your favorite tool – a stack of 3×5 cards, an idea notebook, or a Google Drive document on your tablet or laptop. You can even text the idea to yourself on your smart phone. Select a capture tool now so you’re ready when an idea pops.   

  • Set up a judgment-free zone when brainstorming. As you write your ideas digitally or on paper, let every thought to be expressed. No editing. It shuts down the creative process. Setting up a judgment-free space opens your stream of consciousness, allowing new ideas to flow.

  •  Spark ideas through playful activity. Invite your team to toss around a ball or small toy. As each person catches it, they must share an idea on the spot, as a designated recorder jots it down. This simple game helps people draw out creative ideas. While not all ideas will fly, your team is likely to come up with a few brilliant thoughts that can turn into the next big thing for your department, brand, or business.

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