You hair needs sunscreen too!

The blazing summer heat can take a toll on our beauty. While we all know the importance of applying sunscreen on our skin to protect it from harmful rays, what about our hair? It needs protection too. While sunscreen for hair is quite a new concept, it is catching up and even experts recommend using it. Dr Kiran Lohia, MD says hair sunscreen is extremely useful. ‘Essentially, UVA and UVB rays from the sun damage the cuticle of the hair resulting in dryness, brittleness and damaged hair. You can notice that the top layer of the hair is much frizzier and thinner than the layers that are not exposed to the sun,’ she says.
Damaged hair can break easily and constant breakage can lead to loss of hair. Also, hair becomes unmanageable and unruly. These harmful rays can affect the protein of our hair known as keratin which is responsible for making our hair stronger. Although, unlike its effects on our skin, it may not lead to cancer, the rays are still damaging to our hair’s overall appearance.
If you have coloured hair, it is all the more important that you protect your locks from the heat as it will fade out faster and even lead to sweat and problems like itching and dandruff on the scalp. Since in India, most people have dark hair, it is still less affected by the harmful UV rays but prolonged exposure can lead to colour changes.
There aren’t many specially designed hair sunscreens available but Dr Kiran advises using your regular sunscreen for your tresses. ‘Choose a broad spectrum lotion, spray or gel that is light or else it can make your hair look greasy,’ she says. You can also find certain hair sprays or conditioners with SPF.
You may be wondering if an umbrella or scarf will do the trick but according to Dr Kiran, UV rays can still affect the hair from underneath the umbrella. And if you do not cover all hair under the scarf or cap then that part may get affected so it is essential to conceal it properly.
If you are constantly out in the sun, make it a point to protect it from the heat and rays and give them a weekly TLC with a home-made hair pack. Don’t let the harsh sun leave your mane looking limp and lifeless.

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