Bridal make-up trend — smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are usually associated with evening parties but the latest trend is brides opting for this bold look. Paris-based freelance make-up artist Sanni Sorma talks about this trend and more that brides are asking for these days. 
What are brides asking for this season? 
This spring there are more and more brides asking for a smokey eye look. They want to create drama and a sexy smokey eye is easy to carry off no matter what your colouring is. I am seeing a lot of photos of Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian as inspiration photos from the brides. 

Do trends change much each year?  
Yes and no. There will always be the classic bridal fresh faced look — ‘like you but better’ — but mini trends do come and go. Last year I got asked to do a lot of red lips, tricky if you intend to kiss the groom!
How close to the day do brides-to-be make up their minds on their look?
Sometimes months in advance and sometimes they are still not sure when I arrive. We often email back and forth leading up to the wedding with photos of looks she likes. 

What’s your top tip for a stress-free wedding day when it comes to hair and make-up?
Have a trial if you can. Sometimes it’s also great to visit a few department store make-up counters and just try a few different looks — you might be surprised of what a subtle change can do. It’s good to wake up confident on your wedding day knowing that at least your make-up and hair will look great even if the weather does not cooperate. 

What’s the strangest/funniest request you’ve had for a wedding look?
I haven’t had any strange requests but you do learn to do things outside your own remit. Tightening corsets, helping shoes on, fixing bouquets and tour guiding all happen, sometimes all in the same wedding. 

If you too want to go for the smokey eye look, here are steps to do it yourself. 
  • First, apply a thin coat of eye primer. It helps to make eye make-up last longer. Start from the eyelids all the way up under your eyebrow.
  • Choose the lightest shade of eyeshadow and apply it evenly on your eyelids.
  • Then move onto a darker shade. Work at the top of your lid by using your finger to blend it evenly.
  • Next, apply a dark eyeliner for the top lids. Blend it into the bottom lids for a smoky look. 
  • Finish the look by applying a eyelash volumising mascara. You could also curl your lashes if you wish.

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