How to enhance your eyes with fake eyelashes

Dramatic eyelashes are back in vogue. Though most models and celebrities use fake lashes to make their eyes look more appealing, especially for photo shoots, even you can experiment with your eyelash and try on different looks. 
‘Though dramatic eyelashes are in trend this season, you don’t want to end up looking like you are attending a Halloween party. There are some tips that can help you select the best dramatic lashes for your eyes. Remember, the motive is to add more beauty to your eyes and not scare away people.

How to wear fake lashes
Putting on the lashes can be tricky for a first-timer.  Here is Lisa’s step-by-step guide.
In order to put on the lashes properly, get a tweezer, an eyelash adhesive and fake lashes. First, measure the lash and if the width is longer than your natural eye line, trim it.
Next, curl your natural lashes with the help on an eyelash curler. Now hold the fake ones from the centre with the help of a tweezer and apply the adhesive on the edges. Leave it for 30-45 seconds to dry.
Now bring the fake lash closer to your lash line and start sticking it from the centre towards the edges and inner corners. Make sure there isn’t any gap left and it sits perfectly on your eye line.  
Press both the lashes together to make it look natural. Finish the look with mascara.

Day look
If you have very thin lashes which you would like to enhance yet retain the natural look, you should pick fake lashes which are less dramatic. ‘Fake lashes come in different varieties. Choose one which has thin and short hair to maintain a natural finish.
‘The other option is to choose extensions which can be fixed on the corners of your eyes. This blends with your existing lashes, giving a fuller yet natural look.

Evening look
For a dramatic effect, Lisa advises choosing thick and lengthy lashes. Black looks sultry and works wonders in bringing out your eyes. If it is a costume party, you can experiment with other colours as well.

If your eyelashes are thick and long already, you can simply make them more prominent with the help of an eyelash curler and volumising mascara.

Eyelash colouring
After eyebrow tinting, colouring eyelashes is also another trend which is gaining popularity. It is basically changing the colour of one’s lashes which stays on at least for a few months. Though it is safe and can be done at home, it is time-consuming and requires you to dye the lashes with care without any of it going into the eye. Hence, it is best to get it done from a professional who has the expertise and the right tools required to colour your lashes the right way.

Apart from these looks, you can find various other patterns and designs of lashes such as feathered ones, zig-zag pattern, multi-coloured, etc. Though these are mostly seen on the ramp, you can try them out if you like, but remember they are pretty dramatic and may not suit everyone unless it is a costume party.

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