9 homemade face packs to remove tan

Summer can play havoc with your skin by causing tanning. Even after applying sunscreen and using an umbrella to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, you cannot escape tanning if you go out during the summers. But did you know that there are many home remedies that you can make use of to get rid of this tanning? From lemon juice, sugar to almond oil and honey, try these natural remedies which were hidden in grandma’s beauty cabinet and get the glow back in your skin.

Not many know that sugar is the best cleansing agent while lemon juice helps reduce tanning. Buttermilk soothes and softens the skin while coconut water brings a glow to it. Here are some face packs that you can make at home to remove tan.

Cucumber juice and rose water pack:

 Apply a mixture of rose water, cucumber juice and a dash of lemon juice once a day. Lemon juice helps reduce the tan while rose water and cucumber work as cooling agents.You could also use lemons for skin problems like acne, blackheads, etc.

Honey and lemon juice pack: 

Mix two tablespoons of honey with a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the affected area once or twice in a day. Apply the mixture for a few minutes and wash it off with cold water. You can also say goodbye other skin and hair problems using honey.

 Turmeric pack: 

One can also prepare a paste adding a pinch of turmeric, lemon juice and raw milk. Apply the mixture properly and wait till it dries. Wash it off with cold water. Haldi has tonnes of other benefits to give you flawless skin.

Oats and buttermilk pack:

 Buttermilk soothes and softens the skin. Make a pack by mixing a tablespoon of oats with buttermilk and apply it on your face or body to get rid of tanning. Oats also help in exfoliating the skin so this mixture is extremely beneficial.

Curd and lemon pack:

 In olden days, granny used to rely on a mixture of gram flour, lime juice and curd to get a glowing skin. But one can use the mixture regularly to get rid of tanning. Curd can get rid of other skin problems too.

Lemon juice pack for body parts: 

To keep your knees, elbows and other patchy areas smooth and clean, apply fresh lemon juice. Keep it on for at least 15 minutes and wash it off.

Coconut water pack: 

Fresh coconut water makes the skin soft and fair. Using it twice in a day on hands and face can prove beneficial.

Milk powder and honey pack: 

Prepare a paste adding equal quantity of milk powder, lemon juice, almond oil and honey. Apply it on the affected portions for at least 20 minutes. It will help reduce tan. One can also store it for a week. If you have time, use it thrice a day for better results.

Sugar and lemon pack:

Sugar is considered as the best cleansing agent. Apply the mixture of sugar and lemon juice on your face and wash it after 20 minutes. If you have dry skin, then add a few drops of glycerine to the mixture.

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