Essential shaving products and tips for acne-prone skin

Think only women suffer from an acne problem? Wrong! Many men have oily skin which means they too are prone to pimples. Though you can apply creams to subside acne, you could be inviting more of them by using wrong shaving products. Since men regularly shave their face, it becomes essential to choose products which do not add to this problem. 

 ‘Shaving does have its own benefits like keeping the pores clog-free but wrong shaving products can affect the skin, making it prone to acne problems. Razor bumps are formed when the hair grows within the skin, leading to a bump on the outside skin.’ 
If you too have acne-prone skin, you can make use of the following tips given by her and select shaving products that suit your skin:
  • A lubricating and non-irritating shaving gel will help in keeping the skin normal without irritation and acne.
  • You can go for products that contain benzoyl peroxide or any other antibiotic element that prevents acne formation or breakouts.
  • Cologne and alcohol based products irritate the skin. So avoid using aftershaves that contain these elements. Instead, go for a topical antibiotic lotion or gel or an oil-free moisturiser.
  • Shave the hair in the direction of the growth of the hair follicle.
Apart from shaving products, you should also make sure that you buy the right kind of sunscreen, moistruriser, etc.

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