Lipstick most popular cosmetic reveals survey

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A woman’s love affair with make-up has its highs and lows like any relationship, but it can never be a reason to get rid of cosmetic products. A staggering quarter of of those polled admitted to keeping some make-up items for up to 10 years, says a research. Also according to a glossy 40 per cent have admitted of not cleaning out their-make-up bags for over a year, with an additional one in 10 women being unable to recall the last time they ever gave their make-up bag a makeover, reports The survey was conducted by online grocery store Asda.
The study also reveals that while 80 per cent of women wear make-up, two out of five have never cleaned their make up brushes. Of those surveyed, almost half of women were not aware that mascara should be replaced every three to six months for hygiene reasons, along with eyeliner and powder. Make-up undoubtedly remains a girl’s best friend, the research further reveals that women on average have eight make-up products on the go at any one time. 

Lipstick is the most popular handbag staple with 71 per cent admitting it’s never far away from their grasp, followed by mascara with a pumped up 39 per cent of women stating this is always at their disposal for a quick volume boost. The brand also revealed that the majority of women’s make-up bags contain at least five ‘high street’ items and two prestige brands. ‘With so many women wearing make-up, it’s shocking how many gloss over the importance of keeping their make-up brushes clean,’ said Christina Dalton, beauty and toiletries expert at Asda.

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