Get that perfect smile with the right lip colour

A perfect smile can get you many admirers instantly! Not only does it make your face more appealing but also adds a warmth to your personality. With the right make-up and some tips, you can certainly aim to get the perfect toothy grin. 
Tips to get your smile right

Don’t show too much teeth: While displaying your pearly whites is good, too much of them can put off people. When you smile, make sure your upper set of teeth are visible but don’t open your entire mouth at once. Many people have a half, lop-sided smile. It may look good on some but see how you look before you ape it. 
Smile from your eyes: If you are faking it, people will know. In order to get a lovely grin, let your eyes too emote your happiness. Greeting people with a warm smile will always earn you brownie points in their books. Smiling with your lips with a deadpan expression in your eyes is the wrong way to go about it. Also, shutting your eyes completely when smiling doesn’t look good. Try to keep them open but don’t stare at the same time. A slight head tilt will make your smile look more natural. 

Practise it to perfect it: If looking at your pictures makes you cringe, practise the way you pose and smile in front of the mirror. You can try different variations or even take pictures to help you understand what looks best on you. Though a natural smile will always look better, you can certainly make sure that you are more confident in your photos. The camera can make many people conscious so remember the look you practised and try to get the same when you pose. 

Pouting isn’t for everyone: If Angie can do it, so can I! Unfortunately, that isn’t the truth. Some people have naturally pouty lips which makes it easier for them to perfect the sexy pout. Though it looks smouldering, it can look very weird and even funny if you don’t get it right. Your face will look uncomfortable and tensed if you try too hard to pout, definitely not a happy picture.

Make-up tips 
The right make-up can make your face look more attractive. In order to perfect your smile, you need to pay attention to your lips and let the face make-up be more subtle. Hues like pinks and reds go well with most skintones and also divert all the attention to your lips. Many lipstick shades though they look good, can make your teeth look yellowish. In order to avoid this, choose from the following lip colours to get that perfect smile. 

Pale pink: Instead of blah nudes that make teeth look more yellow, pick brightening shimmery pinks, says Marissa Nemes, a make-up artist in Miami.

Sheer pink: A hydrating, see-through gloss with a hint of a berry (versus orange-y versions like coral) counteracts subtle yellowing.

Light pink: Bolder than sheer glosses, these matte rose shades have just the right blue undertone to minimise yellowish tinges on teeth.

Bright pink: Whether bubble gum or fuchsia, these electric blue-based colours dramatically brighten, says Edward Cruz, a New York-based make-up artist.

Bright red: Bold, opaque reds can make teeth appear up to two shades whiter, Nemes says. Apply two layers straight from the tube for a more intense effect.

Deep red: It’s little surprise that the classic femme fatale colour creates the ultimate sexy smile. Apply with your finger for a lasting stain-like finish.

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