5 tips to prevent make-up from melting

The summer heat can make your make-up melt easily and too much make-up can clog pores and lead to skin infections. But here are a few tips which will help keep the make-up on without using too many cosmetics. Here are a few tips from Hollywood’s make-up artists.

Use eye pencil
Actress Amy Adams’ make-up artist Stephen Sollitto suggests skipping eyeshadow altogether in the summer time. So shun creams, pots and powders. Instead use waterproof pencils and shade in your whole lid.

Find a multipurpose product
Instead of layering onto your complexion, find a power foundation that has built-in SPF and is waterproof, says Sollitto. Actress Jennifer Garner’s make-up artist Fiona Stiles says if you must add hydration to your complexion, ‘skip moisturiser. Just use sunscreen.’

Primer for eyes
Stiles thinks using a face primer is ‘an unnecessary step’. However, if you do want to use eyeshadow she suggests first swiping on eye primer to prevent creases on the lids.

Go for bronzer
Actress Jaimie Alexander’s make-up pro Jeffrey Paul says apply self-tanner in areas you want to contour, like under the cheekbones. It soaks into the skin and won’t melt or rub off.

Less is more
Since you tend to sweat more during summers, make sure you do not apply too much of foundation. Keep it light. Keep tissues in your bag to wipe off the sweat and compact powder for a touch-up when needed. Even actress Jennifer Aniston admits she wears minimal make-up in summers in order to keep her skin fresh and healthy. She says, ‘If anything, I put a little concealer here and there, a little rose on my cheeks, dust with bronzer.’

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