4 home remedies for sunburn

Going out in the sun during the summer months can often lead to sunburn which is characterised by the skin turning red and having blisters. But if you leave it untreated, it could penetrate deeper into the skin and cause extensive damage. It is therefore very essential to protect it from this heat by applying a good sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. But if you haven’t been too careful with your skincare regimen, there is a high chance that you may have itchy, red, sunburnt skin.
Aloe vera gel
‘Applying fresh aloe vera gel to the damaged area helps the epidermis of skin recover faster. The nutritive mineral zinc present in this healing plant is anti-inflammatory and prevents the skin from swelling,
Aloe vera gel is readily available in supermarkets. You can buy and store it in the refrigerator to make it even more soothing. Or, you could also plant it at home and squeeze out the gel by cutting a cross section of the plant. Apply the gel directly on the skin and let it absorb into it. Do this regularly for the sunburnt skin to heal quickly.

Sandalwood has natural cooling properties that heal the blemishes on your skin and reduce the swelling and redness.’ This makes it ideal for sunburnt skin. You can make a paste by adding some milk or water to Sandalwood powder. Apply this paste on the skin and leave it to dry. You can wash it off with water later.

Cucumber slices
‘For a soothing effect, place chilled cucumber slices on the burn or dab some cucumber juice on the sunburns.  You can get its juice by grating cucumber and then squeezing it. Remember to wash it after it dries or else your skin can feel sticky.

Yoghurt or
‘Yoghurt is both cooling and soothing. These properties provide the inflamed skin with temporary relief and reduce the swelling,’ she says. Home-made curd is best used for this application but if you don’t have it, you can get it from outside. You can add a bit of water to it if it is too thick for application. Keep for 20-30 minutes before washing it off with water.

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