How to get beautiful lips

Your lips have a very delicate skin and are one the most sensuous parts of your body so taking good care of them is vital. What can you do to ensure they remain beautiful looking and healthy? Here are some tips:

Make sure you do not rub your hands over them too many times or bite them with your teeth. This can lead to the skin getting irritated and the area around them to become dark.

Just like your skin, your lips need a routine care for their upkeep. So always keep a lip balm handy with you and apply it on them from time to time. If you do not wish to carry it around, then apply once in the morning and once before you sleep. You can get different kinds of lip balms – apply lip oil if you do not want intense moisturising, or go for heavy lip butter if they are too chapped. You can even buy lip balms with SPF to protect them against harmful sun rays.

If you apply lipsticks, make sure you dab some lip balm before you apply them so that the skin is well moisturised.

A simple home remedy to heal chapped lips is to apply a drop of ghee before you sleep. Apply it for a few days every night and see your lips heal soon.

Make sure your lips are free of any lipstick or lip gloss at the end of the day. Wipe it off gently with a wet cotton ball; never rub them vigorously to remove make-up.

Avoid sharing lip cosmetic and balms with others as your saliva gets transferred on them when you lick them with your tongue.

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