5 simple tips to keep cellulite at bay

Fat plays an important role as fuel in our body because it releases a lot of energy to drive forward body processes. As a part of the adipose tissue, it helps to protect the internal organs from damage. Being a bad conductor of heat, fat helps to insulate the body against heat loss during the cold winters. However, too much of anything is bad and the same applies to fat. When a large amount of fat accumulates under the skin that area takes on a lumpy appearance and this is what we know of as cellulite. While there is nothing much you can do to completely do away with the cellulite, there are a few steps you can take to keep it in check.
Undertake regular exercise
A person who has a sedentary lifestyle with very little physical activity is at a higher risk of developing cellulite. Similarly, those who are overweight or obese are more likely to have cellulite. Besides, certain hormones such as oestrogen and the thyroid hormones play an important role in the build-up of cellulite. If you do not get enough exercise, there can be problems with hormonal function and this can lead to accumulation of fat as cellulite. Regular physical exercise is therefore one of the best ways to avoid it. If you already have cellulite, exercise can help cut out the fat from your body and this helps you get rid of it.

Eat a healthy diet
Research has shown that people who consume a diet rich in fat, salts and carbohydrates have more cellulite than those who limit the quantity of such foods. Therefore, eating right is one of the best ways of keeping cellulite at bay. Make sure you get a lot of fibre in your diet and keep your consumption of fat, carbohydrate and salt to the lower side.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Along with diet and exercise, stress also plays a role in maintaining a cellulite-free body. The greater stress you experience, the more likely is your body to develop problems, including cellulite. Practise yoga, chanting, meditation and any other forms of calming methods that will help keep stress away and you can reduce the likelihood of developing cellulite.
It has also been found that people who smoke and those who stand or sit in one position for long hours are more likely to have cellulite. If you smoke, quitting it may be the best thing you do not only to get rid of the cellulite but also to improve your overall health. If your job requires you to sit or stand in one place for hours on end, take short breaks in between to change your posture.

Avoid tight clothing
It has been found that tight clothing – especially tight underwear where the elastic cuts across the buttocks – tends to aggravate the problem of cellulite. Tight clothing tends to restrict the flow of blood to that area and this may be one of the factors that causes fat deposition leading to cellulite formation. So make sure you wear clothing that is comfortable and not too tight.

Consume Ayurvedic herbs which prevent cellulite
According to Ayurveda, some substances such as ginger help improve circulation of blood to tissues and this prevents the deposition of cellulite. Tulsi is a herb that has the property of restraining the amount of fat collecting in the body. Guggul and licorice are also said to have anti-cellulite action. Consuming these herbs can help keep cellulite at bay but it is important to take the advice of an Ayurveda expert before you begin to use them for this specific purpose.

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