Are these 5 reasons making your skin look dull?

Do you ever look into the mirror and feel your skin looks tired and dull even after you’ve put on your make-up and had your beauty sleep? This is because there are several other factors which come into play to bring a glow in your skin. The basic principle is that your skin isn’t receiving enough oxygen and blood which is making it look dull and weary. Some of the reasons which may lead to this are:
Dust and pollution: Your daily commute from home to office and back does not spare your skin. The dust settles on the skin giving it a dull appearance. Combined with a bas skincare regimen, this dust can hamper your appearance in the long run.

Sun exposure: The killing heat combined with harmful UV rays can not only give you a bad tan but also make the skin look dull. This is because the sun takes away the moisture from your skin, making it rough and wrinkly. Constant undue exposure will make your skin dull and also amplify the ageing process.

Improper diet: Your skin reflects what you eat and if it does not get good nutrition, it will appear dull. To top it all, smoking and drinking alcohol further steal its glow. Had a binge night over the weekend? You will notice its effects immediately on your skin.

Improper cleansing: If you do not use the right products or do not make an attempt to regularly cleanse your skin of all the dust, grime and pollution, you will end up with dull skin and perhaps other beauty issues such as pimples, scars, etc.

Long office hours: Yes, your work can hamper your skin. Firstly, most offices involve people sitting indoors in the AC which can result in your skin not getting fresh, natural air. Secondly, the piling work, meetings, deadlines, etc can place a lot of stress which again doesn’t let your skin get the required rejuvenation time resulting in a dull appearance.

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