Is it Healthy or Unhealthy?

There are thousands of different foods out there and whether any one food can be called “healthy” or not often depends on the individual.
On this page, I have collected all the articles where I explore the health effects of a particular food, nutrient or sweetener.


Butter – healthy, especially if grass-fed.

Coconut oil – very healthy.

Margarine – very unhealthy.

Diet Soda – pretty bad.

Coffee – healthy.

Green tea – healthy.

Fruit – healthy.

Bacon – probably fine.

Eggs – healthy. See different types of eggs here.

Added sugar – very bad.

Wheat – pretty bad.

Red meat – healthy, especially if grass-fed.

Grape seed oil – very bad.

Soy – pretty bad.

Ezekiel bread – healthier than most breads.

Peanut butter – fine in moderation.


Fiber – healthy.

Saturated fats – healthy.

Salt – not as bad as people say.

Vegetable oils – very bad

Vitamin D – very important if you’re deficient.


Honey – less bad than sugar.

Coconut Sugar – less bad than sugar.

Stevia – good.

Erythritol – maybe the best low-calorie sweetener.

Yacon syrup – healthy.

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