Is Good Sex a Sign of Good Health?

Q: I'm a 54-year-old man with an extremely active sex life. My girlfriend and I have intercourse once or twice a day for 15-30 minutes each time. Does my activity mean I'm healthy, or is this not an indicator?
–Allan, via e-mail

A: Hef just called. He wants some of his testosterone back! You (and most likely the Playboy founder) are members of a very small men's club: Fewer than one in 20 partnered guys your age have sex more than four times a week. (By the way, almost 50% of guys 85 with willing partners are still having very pleasurable sex -- their term, not ours.) And YES, your ability to have sex is a dipstick for your health, with a stronger, more at-attention dipstick indicating better arterial health. Here's what your enviable sex life suggests about your health:
  • You don't have bad health habits. You probably don't smoke, aren't overweight, and exercise regularly (outside the bedroom).
  • You don't have diabetes. You have plenty of testosterone (the male hormone linked to sex drive and not needing to buy Ferraris). Although testosterone normally drops 1%-2% annually after age 30, men with diabetes have significantly lower levels.
  • You don't have an over- or underactive thyroid. Typically, thyroid trouble leads to premature ejaculation or an inability to play for 30 minutes.
  • Your arteries are healthy. Guys with hardening of the arteries, which impedes blood flow, tend not to get the hardening of the penis needed for great sex. The dipstick requires good circulation to come to attention.

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