How to get your kid to sleep in bed within the shortest time possible

After a long day’s work all you want is to put your child to bed for you to have enough rest in readiness for the next day. Not all children stay in bed, at some point you hear them tip toeing into your bedroom. No amount of harshness or threats tends to work on some children. If this is the case with your child then it is time you try out these simple tricks and see how well they work.

-Establish a sleeping routine and ensure that you stick to it at all times. This means that bed time need to be the same everyday. It may not be easy for the first time but the kids will eventually get used to it after some time. Try to make it calm and enjoyable for you to encounter less resistance.
-Discourage them from watching television or playing video games because studies have shown that such activities affect their brain waves thereby affecting their sleep. Engage them in other activities that require less concentration instead.

-Diet plays a very important role in the sleeping pattern of children so it is better to ensure that they eat the right foods before they go to bed. Avoid sugary foods that keep them energetic and hyperactive. A glass of warm milk is always recommended since it has a soothing effect on children of all ages.

-Once your children are in their sleeping clothes ensure that they do not find their way back into the living room. Convincing them to go back to bed may not be that easy because the living room has a stimulating environment. Ensure that all bedtime activities such as bedtime stories, kisses and cuddling are all done in the bedroom.

-The use of pure organic oils also has relaxing effects on children making it easy for them to fall asleep. Chamomile and lavender are some of the examples of these oils that are friendly to the skin of young ones. The effect is felt better when dissolved in the bathing water.

-Use of rewarding system for older children also works especially by discouraging unacceptable behavior. Put your child back to bed as many times as possible until they know that they are not getting the kind of attention that they had anticipated. The first time you may be forced to repeat this same activity for about 50times but after a short while they will realize that you are not backing off.

In most occasions children refuse to stay in bed for the simple fact that they get the attention that they want and get away with their demands every time. The above mentioned tips can make things better if applied effectively. One important point to note though is that it is better to select what works well for your child and stick to it and establish a routine.

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