Taking Your Locks To The Dark Side

The transition from blonde to the light brown and chocolate hues is well suited for the cooler months that are just around the corner, so whether you’re thinking about taking hair a shade or two darker or dramatically changing it, you can’t go wrong with Nice’n Easy Expert Colourist Belinda Jeffrey’s guide, and colour care from the Wella Pro Series Colour Collection.
When going darker, Belinda recommends considering the following points:

Tonal variation
“When going for a dramatic change, hair always looks healthy and glossy if there is a variation in the tones of brunette. For example, the combination of chestnut, chocolate and mocha hues that have recently been seen on celebrities softens the skin and create a more natural colour.”
Try: Nice’n Easy 114A Natural Lightest Golden Brown, Nice’n Easy 114C Natural Lightest Chestnut Brown and Nice’n Easy 121A Natural Darkest Brown
“Your complexion is the key to making the right colour choice. If you have an ivory or creamy coloured skin, you can be adventurous. However, if you have a pale pink-toned complexion choose neutrals such as ash blonde, ash brown or dark brown.”

Don’t forget eyebrows
“To avoid a mismatched look, have your brows tinted professionally or colour your eyebrows with a brow pencil at least 2 shades darker, as natural brunettes tend to have a strong brow which really complements a dark hair colour.”

“Often a change in makeup is needed when hair has been dyed darker, for example a stronger eye, fuller lashes, eyeliner and contouring of face and cheeks can be needed to ensure you don’t look washed out.”

Care for your colour
“Help prevent colour from fading with a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair”. Try: Wella Pro Series Colour shampoo and conditioner.

Gloss treatment
“Maintain colour with an in-salon gloss treatment to add shine, lustre and dimension.”
Consider your decision: “Once hair has been dyed dark, it can be very damaging to take it lighter again, and hair needs to rest for at least 3-4 months before it should be coloured again.”

And finally…try on a wig
“If you are unsure about taking the plunge and going darker, taking the time to visit a wig shop to try on different variations of brunette can really help with the decision. Seeing what works on your particular skin tone beforehand can make a big difference in how dark, rich or solid you decide to go.”

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