3 Party Tricks for the Silly Season

It's the silly season -- and that means F.U.N. But all those events, dinners, cocktail parties and pre-Christmas catch-ups require serious commitment in the primping stakes. Here’s some advice to help you through your calendar of awesomeness.

Party Trick No. 1

 If you're wearing a bright lip colour, make sure your lips are in good condition.

Bright red and orange lipstick are on trend this season, but be sure to keep your lips well-hydrated if you're going to go nuts with brights. Vivid shades draw attention to the area, so exfoliate your lips with a good-quality lip balm or lip exfoliant. If all else fails, gently wipe your lips with a dry washcloth to remove any dead skin cells.

Party Trick No. 2

 Make primer and powder your new best friends.

The key to looking great all night is having a solid base -- foundation base, that is. So make your foundation as slip-free as possible by applying a primer underneath and a translucent powder on top. The primer will help reduce the appearance of pores and give your foundation something to stick to, while the translucent powder will provide a thin veil of protection that will set your makeup for the night. Winner!

Party Trick No. 3

Always remove your makeup.

All these social events filling up your diary require you to look great, so it's imperative that you counteract your added makeup with a solid skin care regimen to ensure your complexion doesn't suffer. Use a cleanser every morning and night. If you come home too tired to bother, use a cleansing towelette instead. Your skin will love you for it.

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