Hair Colour Trends

The new year brings the perfect excuse to freshen up your personal style – and that includes hair colour!

The upcoming year will see strong warm Titan, Rust and Russet Coppers that can be enhanced or subdued, yet still have an incredible brilliance to them – it’s all about balancing intensity with depth and richness.
Cool reds won’t go un-noticed though, with the upcoming seasons’ tones bursting with shine & luminosity.
However, Deep Crimson, Red Rose and bright Scarlet reds will dominate to create high impact colours!
Celebs to watch: Christina Hendricks, Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey


For lovers of the dark mane, super dark browns and inky, petrol blacks will be seen this coming season. Adding black or darkest brown to medium brown shades in small sections helps to create density and show texture. Shades of Chocolates, deep burnt Caramel and Coffee hues will be favored.


The buzz-word with blondes is ICE – cool, crisp and clean shades are going to be hot in 2013. We will also see for the more adventurous wearers of the lighter shades, a rare return to the almost “Toneless and White” blondes. This look has an edge to it like no other and is best kept to stronger styles that ooze with texture, or sleek graphic shapes with blunt–cut lines.
Warm blondes get a look in too, with soft Marigolds and Honey shades. Highlighting will use these same tones and I recommend keeping the softer shades closer to the face as it is more complimentary for the skin.


Pastels are still with us, but gone are the bright Lolly Pinks and Reds that accompanied dip-dye looks and replaced with soft iridescent Powder Pinks, Blue-Greens and Buttery Yellow-Golds.


In terms of techniques and colour application, I will be pushing a lot of multi-toned hair colour – from the mild to extreme.
Browns that have super fine strands of black running through add another dimension, as does infusing two or more reds, and / or copper tones.
Adding browns to auburns and copper shades will soften these brighter tones without losing intensity.
It’s a great way to add freshness to a tired blonde by infusing two, three or more tones and weaving them together for a play on light and shade without having a long-term colour change.
This can be done simply and effectively by incorporating a technique I developed called “ribboning ”.


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