Christina Aguilera's Beauty Secrets

Kristy Johnson spoke with the vocal diva to discuss her seductive new fragrance and get her tops tips for feeling confident and sexy!

We’re excited to sample your newest fragrance. How was it shooting the campaign for Unforgettable?

It was amazing. We teamed up with photographer Mark Liddell again because his vision is always so sensual and sexy and I really enjoy shooting with him.

Where did you find inspiration for the scent?

I wanted to pull from times when I truly wanted to feel sensual and ensure that I left a lasting impression. For times when a woman truly needs to be unforgettable!

Having released other successful fragrances, how do you think your fragrance palette has evolved over the years?

I am really proud of my entire body of fragrances. I like that they all have a common thread – a base note of musk, which I have always loved. And then I play with the main scents that compliment and change the feeling of each fragrance.

How do you like to wear fragrance?

I love to wear it on the back of my neck – sometimes even before bed because I feel like it’s a little thing that makes you feel sexy and makes you stand out.

What do you think makes a woman unforgettable?

Owning who she is, being sensual and confident. Ensuring even after she leaves a room that her scent and her being last.

What tips would you give women to feeling confident and sexy?

Don’t sell yourself short! Highlight your positives rather than your flaws. We all have flaws but the key is really loving yourself, and embracing all those special qualities.

You are looking amazing. What would you say are the essential rules of your beauty routine?

I always wash my face before bed with a gentle cleanser and moisturise. I love to moisturise!

Are there any beauty products or particular beauty brands you couldn’t live without?

I like Cle De Peau lotion and LipSense red kiss-proof lip-gloss.

What is your favourite thing to do, when you’re after a bit of pampering?

Go home to my son and put on sweats and spend time with him. But I do also love a great massage.

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