5 Reasons to Use a Face Mask

While a daily skin routine will help keep your face clean and clear, there are plenty of reasons to treat yourself regularly to a facial mask.


Here are 5 of the top benefits, according to In-house beauty expert from Trilogy, Corinne Morley.

1. Boost
What else can give your skin such a boost that you see an instant improvement in softness and radiance?

2.  Hydrate
A good face mask delivers excellent hydration and nourishment without needing to leave a thick, rich cream on your skin (particularly helpful if you need to put make-up on afterwards!).

3.  Cleanse
While daily cleansing is essential, using a mask every 1-2 weeks gives your skin a really deep cleanse and draws out impurities, helping keep skin clear and healthy.

4.  Unique Ingredients 
There are beneficial skincare ingredients which can be used in masks but don’t work well in other products – kaolin clay is one example, it’s fantastic for purifying the skin but you can’t put it in moisturiser.

5.  Time Out
And finally, possibly the best reason for using a mask, is that it encourages you take a little time out of your hectic schedule.  Apply, relax, sit back and treat yourself to 10 quiet minutes – just for you!
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