Improve Your Sex Life And Become A Better Lover

nyone can learn how to become a better lover. What’s most important is the desire to receive and give love on a deeper level. Giving love during sex means offering more to your partner and expecting nothing in return.
You may need to change the way you speak, touch, or even look at them. Receiving love means being open to receiving what your lover has to offer. In this article, we are going to give you sex advice on how to become a better lover.

Be Attentive

While men have been known to be insensitive during sex, the same could be said about women. And the reason this generally occurs is because one partner is not being as attentive as they should be. Make sure that you are paying close attention to your lover during sex.
Pay attention to their feelings as well as how they are responding to certain positions. When you’re attentive, you’re able make the necessary changes that will make your partner happier during sex.

Spoil Your Partner

Try to spoil your loved one in every way possible. And keep in mind that this should take place far before you reach the bedroom. Spoil them around the house. Buy them lavish gifts. Provide them with an abundance of attention. Doing all of this beforehand causes the both of you to become much more generous during sex. Also take note that this tip isn’t only for newer couples or newlyweds. It can work for the rest of your life and is something you should apply regularly.

Stroking and touching your partner is great for the both of you. A great way to make sex even more enjoyable is to provide each other with a sensual oil massage. However, make sure that you don’t spoil the moment by making it last only a few minutes. Try to make it last longer. A 30 minute sensual massage will be highly appreciated by your lover and will positively transition over into love making.

Try to Last Longer

If you and your partner are used to having sex for 10 minutes, which is great, try to add another 10 minutes on top of that. This can be done by kissing or caressing them more. After a few weeks, try to increase it by another 10 minutes. Being able to stretch your love making sessions will ultimately make the both of you happier and more sexually satisfied. Not only that having making love for a longer period of time will increase your sexual endurance and allow you to last longer with your partner.

Kiss, Kiss, and Kiss
There is nothing better than an abundance of kissing before having sex. On the same token, there is nothing better than doing this right after making love. So many couples become engrossed by their sexual urges that they forget to incorporate sensual kissing into their sessions. Try to stay up kissing and caressing each other for at least 10 minutes after making love before you fall asleep partake in other activities.

Learn to Caress
This tip applies for both males and females. For guys, don’t simply use a woman’s breasts for your own personal satisfaction. Learn to gently caress and stroke them. Kiss them softly and tease your partner. You’ll be able to see positive results right away when you do this. For women, learn how to caress various parts of your man as well. Doing this shows him that you actually care.

Try New Things
Be willing to try out new things with your loved one. And rejoice in their enthusiasm when they mention a different technique or position. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to like it. If a new love making trick isn’t working out then let your partner know. Being honest with them is much more important than pretending to like something.

Tell Them You Love Them

As simple as it may sound, this is a tip that men tend to avoid more than women. Do keep in mind that the words “I Love You” are important for women to hear, especially before making love. Make sure that you giving them your full attention when telling them this. Don’t glance at the television when you are revealing your emotions. Also make sure to let them know why you love them. Telling your partner that you love them will ultimately make love making much more enjoyable for the both of you.

Dressing Up and Foreplay
Dressing up is a great way of injecting some variety into your lovemaking sessions. If you’re the one doing the dressing up then don’t be afraid to go all the way. On the same token, learn how to show your lover that you appreciate what they are doing when they kinkily dress up. Also make sure that you are engaging in foreplay before having sex. Foreplay increases sexual tension and also contains many other benefits as well. It will allow the both of you to last much longer as well as make the session much more memorable.

Eat Celery

The days of eating unhealthy should come to a dramatic close if you’d like to increase your sex life. And there are a few good reasons for this. For one, eating right will provide you with much more stamina when making love. More specifically, start to eat more greens. Celery has been proven to release pheromones that are critical when increasing sexual desire and attractiveness to women. Eating right in general also increases your mood and puts you in a better headspace for sex.

Sex Bans
This is probably one of the best pieces of advice that you can take if you’d like to increase the quality of your lovemaking life. A sex ban is basically a short period of time in which you agree to avoid engaging in any kind of sexual activity. Doing this will dramatically increase sexual tension and make the “big moment” even more enjoyable. To make this tip even more powerful, you can engage in a no-touch rule where you or your partner cannot touch each other in bed.

Hug Regularly
Research has consistently shown that the amount of sex couples have is directly correlated with how close they feel with one another. Hugging on a regular basis will increase oxytocin levels in both you and your partner. Overall, it should increase intimacy and get those “lovemaking chemicals” flowing. Whenever you are lying down together, try to cuddle and hold each other closely.

Sucking Toes

The thought of having someone’s toes in your mouth may cause you to feel queasy. However, for some people this is a huge turn on. As a matter of fact, it is a very popular fetish in our society and is something that you should definitely consider incorporating into your love making sessions. Even if you’re someone who isn’t particularly fond of your partner’s toes, try giving them a little more attention and watch as the sexual desire increases for you.

The majority of people don’t need an excuse to eat chocolate. However, do keep in mind that eating dark chocolate can increase energy levels as well as mood. Overall, eating chocolate before making love should improve your sex life overall. Don’t indulge in too much of this fantasy food though as it will turn into fat and saturate your energy levels as well as lower sex drive.
As we previously mentioned, anyone can learn how to be a better lover. Above anything, learn how to appreciate your partner as well as learn how to accept their love. Overall, following these tips should improve your love life as well as make sex more enjoyable for both you and your lover.

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