How to Be a Hot Latina

Start with your appearance.
If you look great, then that will boost your confidence through the roof. Let's start with the following:

Curl your hair for thick long hair (Use a 2 inch ceramic curler).
You may also want to take a trip to the salon and ask for a framing around the face. You may also want to straighten it (Use a 2 inch ceramic straightener). Tousled hair is sexy.

 Apply some concealer to all the red marks on your face by dabbing it on.
  You don't want to rub it on. Try a smokey eye. Use eye shadow shades like tans, beige, browns, pecan, or black. What you will need to do for a smokey eye look is apply the tan color to all of your eye lid stopping at the eye brow bone (It's best to use a brush, but if you don't have one, remember not to press to hard with your finger). Next, take the rich brown shade and apply it to the crease of your eyelid. Make sure to blend it with the tan shade for a more professional look. Afterwards, apply some black eyeliner on your top and bottom lashline. Finish off with some mascara for an overall better eye look.  

Finish the look off with some mango or pink color lip gloss.
Which, by the way, looks better with your pecan color complexion.

 Remember that the models today are far from the look that guys love. Today, Latinas are known for having sexy, luscious curves. Don't try to have a stick figure because bottom line; that's not in right now. Let me introduce you to a new word: "Thick".

 Having a thick figure means you have boobs, a booty, and thighs, but yet your stomach region is still slim or completely flat.
 If your stomach isn't completely flat, don't worry, all you have to do is some crunches and a few sit-ups. Remember, a thick look will appeal to almost every guy. Having a booty and boobs is essential, but remember, there's always a solution. If you don't have them, try wearing padded underwear for a booty lift or a push-up bra for a bigger chest.

Try wearing fitted clothes that show off your best assets. Wear v-neck and tank tops if you love your boobs. Or wear skinny jeans and shorts if you have a good booty. Wear a ruffled miniskirt once in a while to drive the boys nuts. In the winter wear skinnies with a tank top and a necklace, a zip up hoody, scarf and high heel boots. Try to get a name brand purse. Try wearing aeropostale, hollister, etc. Wear accessories such as necklaces to bring attention to your bust line, but remember to not look trashy. Think classy but still flirty. So whenever you're around guys they will wish they could get with you.

Personality. Remember, guys and girls will respect you depending on how you look and act. So when you first meet someone, act radiant and have confidence in yourself, you know you're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you different. Always have a smile on your face and when you act and feel confident, people will be drawn to you. The following is how you should act around girls and boys: Girls: With girls make sure not to trust each and everyone of them. There are some girls that will be envious of you because you look beautiful. Whenever some girls start gossip, learn to let it go, but remember, don't look like a push-over (having that boss attitude with those that cross you the wrong way). Be friendly with those that don't.

Boys: Now that you look and act the part of a sexy but confident Latina, boys will be attracted to you left and right. Remember to be flirty, cute, and sexy around them. You're young and just have fun with them. Remember to keep yourself exclusive. There's a difference in dating a guy and going out with them. You can date guys, but when it comes to being a girlfriend, keep yourself exclusive and date only the hottest guys. 

Remember to have fun.
Be sexy, flirty, and cute. Just go with it. Remember this little quote: Boys will want it when you make them chase it.

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